Memory reference error

rahul - Jul 14, 2008 at 12:23 AM
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whenever i start my computer i get memory reference error 0x06454544 and something like that,
whats the solution of that.
please answer me

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whenever i start my computer i get memory reference error 0x06454544 and something like that,
whats the solution of that.
please answer me

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I think that the BIOS system is not working properly, that is why you are getting the reference error. Try to reboot the system in the safe mode to fix the problem. If still the problem persists then I think that there might be some kind of hardware error in your system and you need to talk to the repair center
Oct 28, 2010 at 12:57 PM
Appears as a hardware-type of error, so eliminate each of the likely problems one at a time: Memory, remove a stick. test. leave the removed DIMM RAM memory stick in a paper envelope or on a cotton washcloth or cotton teeshirt, or on an anti-static mat or in an antistatic bag. If the problems persist, reinsert or switch out RAM to eliminate other RAM stick for a while. There are software programs available too, that test RAM by writing to all the memory addresses.
Audio, Video, network driver of other driver. You notice the problem is not present when you started the PC in Safe Mode using the F8 function key when you started the PC. That means that with the basic drivers the system functioned OK. Now you have restarted and are in normal mode and the problem is present. Do the driver update - in Windows Update, choose advanced, and then check for and install newer network/NIC and sound drivers. One or two things at a time, skip the video driver for now, that can be checked and updated later maybe. All the critical updates should get installed too of course. Next, harddrive test if problem persists. Maybe at this point take it to get a hardware diagnostic test at a place that does PC repair. Or reload the software the whole Operating System and then all your additional applications - but back up onto thumb-drives or external drive or DVDs or CDs all you data and export your system settings too, and write down what kinds of hardware you have in you computer. Right click on My Computer select properties, then select Device Manager, see the hardware and write down type, brand and model of Network Adapter, Video Adapter, etc. and in details or advanced, get the version and date of the driver. Another thing to try, clean up the PC of detectable viruses, problems, and use the System Restore point to go back to before the original date of the problem. Then do system check, virus scan update and system scan again, and recheck for updates, especially critical updates for your Operating System and for your applications. Tell this forum what the hardware repair facility did and said, and what they charged for their activities if you take it to be repaired.
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Oct 28, 2010 at 03:20 PM
You should consider repairing your system for this problem to get solved.