Apple ipod nano 8gb isn't working

khaja - Aug 23, 2009 at 01:57 AM
 emochick - Jul 16, 2010 at 01:01 PM
Hello,my apple ipod nano 8gb isn't working.. when i switch on it, it shows busy symbol and not proceeding.. i dont have PC software for that.. itunes also not detecting my ipod.. can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?

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i've a doubt.. after sliding the hold switch on and off for sometime, shud i press and hold menu and center button ,with the hold button switched on or off ??
hi there my name is samantha im 14years old. i HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! my friends told me numerous things but none will work i think the best thing for both/all of us is to go where we got it or an apple store and tell them in person what's wrong and if they cant fix it get a refund/new one! im so pissed off at my ipod though. it's like amazing then out of no where it doesn't turn on! it shows the apple symbol but doesn't turn on and when i press the reset buttons on it menu (the center button) and play it STILL WONT TURN ON ?!?!? HELP ME PLEAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.