IPod nano 8GB Driver [Solved/Closed]

 naag -
I need IPod nano 8GB driver or software urgently please
thanks for ur help

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could u help me. every time I attached the ipod to da computer it says(one of the USB devices attached to this cuputer has malfunctioned,and windows does not recognize it)WHAT DO I DO? N I kno its not my compter becaues its da same wit my friends
Thank you

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Got Some kind of disgusting problem with my iPod nano. ItS cant play Music,video,photo. Give me solution. There anyone can Hhelp me?
There is a problem with itunes ! It cant put music in my ipod. please HELP ME.
Just open the iTunes then connect your iPod to the computer and make sure you have internet connections while the iTunes is open... and find the summary of your iPod Model... then click the restore, and make sure there is a internet connections... and wait untill the download complete... the iPod automatically restore its original functions... the only problem is it will erase all your data in your iPod... like music files... etc
erase them than redownlound that is what I did
how can I download driver software
sir my ipod was strucked and it was not running present,what happend my ipod,so please give me answer how can I play continued my ipod,actually I connect the ipod usb to the "cpu"and put the usb without safe remove,that is problem.A1236, 8gb model.
my ipod wont connect to my pc.wat do I do
how do you put a video from a cd to your ipod
> james
that website mentioned called mylazysundays.com
dont go on it its one of those joke websites were you have to restart your computer to get out of it!!
thought i'd save you the hassle. xx
You can reset your iPod nano back to factory specs by moving the lock switch to lock, then unlock, and then press&hold the play/pause AND the center button at the same time to turn it on.

Now go and download iTunes and install it.

Then plug in your iPod (with iTunes running, and you should have no problems setting it up.

> armygirl
Do You Know Anyway I could unlock my ipod if I forgot the password and itunes dosent work?
> Eden
Plug your Ipod into your computer.
Go to 'My Computer'
Click on your Ipod
Click On Ipod_Control
Click on Device
You should see something named _locked
You can either rename that _unlocked or just delete it.
Either way works just as well.
hola jason mi le quite el software a mi ipod y ahora no tiene mas que solo la pantalla en blanco y dice dont disconect. necesito el software urgente donde lo consigo.
How's everything going?
I saw your request on the ipod nano's driver from last year. If you got this, Can u send it to me please because I cannot download things in my PC at work and I dont have internet service at home either. Could you please send it to me. My Ipod gets blank too or blocked.

I live in Cuba...many things are hard to find here through internet. It is restricted almost all the time.

well if it's possible send me the software, please.and if you want we cant further get in touch via emai.

I'd apreciate ur help.

Bye, Redna
The iPod Nano I got for Christmas somehow got mysteriously locked and was not responding to anything I did until I read the above suggestion. It DID work for me except that I had to push the CENTER button and the MENU button at the same time. Odd... But it seems to be working now.
THanx Alot the same thing happend to my ipod now it works

download itunes update and restore ur ipod should be a restore button
to other people
go on sourmaths.com it has one one there free !!!!!
sourmath is a gay website you lier you should go to mylazysundays.com there is a guy who puts ipod songs on his website when he is bored on sundays lol he is cool you can just right click the song and click send to ipod and it works straight from the site its awsome you should really try it.
i need urgently an ipod 8gb set up to tranfer songs from pc to I pod
im having probloms in putting music on my ipod
i accidently erased my ipod but now it cn't show any thing pliz help what I can do to get started again its a 8gb touch ipod
my itunes is nat work
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Hi jason

It is an amazing tips.I really appreciate it.Keep posting.


ipod batteries
installed s/w itunes not opening
wauwww very very beatiful
god man just get your plug in device and plug the device in the back of you harddrive and then lplug it in to your ipod and then it will work it happend with me and I was realy confused but then I look at the back and it had a usb device plug in there so I trieed it and it goddam worked I was so relive I was about to smash the computer thats the only other way you can transfer music/videos/photes e.c.t to your ipod if the front usb dont work =100% real it should defiently work!!!!!!!
just down load driver
I need IPod nano 8GB unlock code for model no : A1199

I gave to a friend my ipod and he played with it so he set a unknown code so I can't use it any more
cause I dont know that code.Pls Can u help me
thanks for ur help
Hi, I myself was having trouble installing the ipod nano, we got my eldest daughter one, christmas 2008 and my youngest daughter the newer nano last christmas, it has taken me over 12 months to work it out but I got there, if you already have itunes installed on you computer, when you try to install your ipod nano, in your devices it has an exclamation mark in the ipod icon, uninstall your ipod, and then you have to update your usb drivers, and once that is done, connect your ipod and it will install itself automatically and you will be right to go.
I now have all our ipods working, 2 nanos and a 2 shuffles.

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