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Quick charger

What kind of quick charger do I require for my iPad and iphone


Password account how to open my account

Hello, I just want to ask, how to open my account 

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How to fix

hello, I am on a old cromebook. Idk how old but i do know that its reached its final update. so i guess that old. But I have a ipod classic and I h...

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Limewire songs on ipod


I have alot of limewire songs on my old ipod. I want to download the songs ofc my ipod to my iTunes library. Can someone help me please? 

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Weird filenames whatsapp pictures apple photo app


Hi there. When uploading pictures, which were send via WhatsApp, to the iPhone Photo-app, the filenames change to long weird names, f.e. 6f83d298-4e6e...

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Notification preview not showing after ios 15 update???

Hello, I just updated to iOS 15 and now messenger isn't showing message previews when my phone is unlocked. All relevant settings are ON and I ...

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Hello, I hope the new update comes soon really depressed about preview on messenger not being able too see my messages when my phone is unlocked ...

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Spotlight search

This is the second tie my settings Icon has disappeared. Why does this keep happening? I have a new iPad 8th Generation. The instructions tell me to t...

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David Webb  

No sound

Hello, Does the ipod 7th generation play music without using headphones?

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David Webb  



Garena please return ''Trap elite pass''

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Elena Keracheva  

Ipod shuffle 2nd generation recognition problem

Hello, Looking in some old boxes i found an old iPod shuffle 2nd generation, when i pluged it into my MacBook CATALINA, it doesn’t get recog...

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No facetime sound.

Hello, All other volumes work except FaceTime and audio recordings.

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Ipod touch


My granddaughter dropped her ipod 7th generation and now it has a shaky look. Can it be fixed or take it to the apple store?

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Free downloads

Would like to download games for granddaughter onto a first gen iPad, do you have any?

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Ipod touch completely dead


Hello, Please My ipod ran out of battery a few days ago. It is so dead it won't even charge. I've run through all the ipod troubleshooting. I've ...

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Not receiving emails on ipad

I am not receiving mail on my i pad since Sunday

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Help i’d roped my ipod touch it isn’t turning on

I recently got a new iPod touch and after a couple of weeks I dropped it and the screen blacked out its not white or anything is it broken

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Ipod nano 7th generation will not charge or turn on


Hello, any one know a fix to get an Ipod Nano 7th Generation to charge? Have not used it for 2 years.

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Daniel Telele  

Settings icon

My settings icon has vanished off my iPad when I do as suggested on your page I don’t get together options you mentioned the only option for settings ...

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Delete all old gmail messages

Is it possible to some how delete all old messages from iPad not from phone- could not access for long time have thousands of emails and wish to delet...

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My ipod shows the apple then shuts off


Hello, When I turn on my IPOD, the apple comes on then it shuts down. Its fully charged! Can I fix this?

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Computer doesn't recognize ipod


Hello, one day when my ipod ran out of battery and I connected it to my computer but it didn't show up and it still charged so I connected it to my m...

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Photo recovery

Photo memories recovery

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No sound on my ipod


Hello, my problem with my iPod doesn't have sound. What shall I do?

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i cant remember my password to get into my ipad as iv not used it for a long time now and I have changed my phone number what can I do pls help

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Ipod not detected on computer


Hello, I have an ipod shuffle, the last time I was about to recharge it on my notebook but I was surprised that my computer is not even detecting i...

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Connect to skype on new ipad

How do I connect to Skype on new iPad please

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My ipod nano wont turn on!!!


my ipod nano wont turn on and it dosen't appear on itunes what do I do?? this has happened 4 times already!System Configuration: Mac OS X Firefox 3.0...

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My ipod will not turn on and wont charge


Hello, My iPod nano 4th g 8gb won't turn on and it will not charge what should I do?

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Can't get to the main menu on my ipod

Hi, I’m pressing and holding the menu button as directed, but I don't get a main menu to change the language to English. Please help!

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My ipod won't turn on!!!


Hello, My name is Terrence and I have had my ipod for a while, its a ipod video 30gb and one night I was listening to it and than I wanted to go to sl...

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Please help me with this


Please help with password with out plone number

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Seeking to use ipad for inventory scanning

Hello all, I hope all is well. I am finishing up and excel-based inventory tracking project, and I have run into a snag. I need for forklift driv...

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New ipod not working


Hello, I got my iPod in January and the battery already stopped charging and now will not turn on how do I either fix this or Apple fixes it...

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Hep please with this

I haveig a hard time sign up I not want go use a plone number at all my e- ***@*** frst prat leilasmithers1

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Sign up with out phone number

i need help sign up

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Ipod 5th gen does not turn on with battery

Hello, Pls help me my ipod nano 5th gen is not turn on battry, but it is open when i plug charge System Configuration: Android / SamsungBrowser...

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How do i put music on a ipod without itunes

how do I put music on a ipod without itunes

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My ipod touch 4th gen won't charge or turn on?


Hello, I haven't been able to turn on my ipod touch and it won't charge.I can not do the thing where you hold down the home button and sleep/wake ...

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Gmail reset code

Forgot password. Gmail keeps sending me codes via text but I don’t have text capability on my phone. Can a code be sent via phone ? Thanx. PK

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Junk emails appear in my inbox

All junk mail is now showing up in my General Mailbox rather than going straight to Junk (which it always used to). Apple said it’s not their fault...

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Ipod shuffle not recognized by windows 7 computer

hello, my ipod shuffle is not recognized by my computer whenever i plug it in all of the methods given on the internet are not working please someone...

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Delete preloaded apps on ipad mini

How can I delete preloaded iOS apps in my IPad Mini. It's occupying space in my IPad. Thanks

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Ipod does not turn on .

Hello, my ipod does not turn on or does not connecting to pc and i cant connect it to the itunes what should i do?.and it does not showing when i ei...

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Adobe flash for ipad

How to download adobe flash player on iPad

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New ipod touch wont turn on or charge


Hello, Ive had my ipod since christmas so it only been about a week, and it has been working pperfectlly. I was on it last night and it kept poppin...

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Original phone number changed

The original phone number i used to create this account has changed. How do I update the number as I’ve forgotten my password

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Ipod will not get pass the apple logo


Ok so last night my ipod battery died and when I woke up it had the red battery saying to connect and charge so I did that..... And when I turned it o...

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Stolen ipad

Someone store my ipad out of my room. I know it was one of my ex roommates. ( I've had 5-6) but when my phone alerts me about my email it says they li...

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I need an activation code


I purchase the next book online and there is no activation code I tried going online to the website and putting in the pin number and it said it wasn'...

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