Ipod nano 4g 8gb white screen death need help

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 SchatzOne - Mar 26, 2012 at 11:55 PM

Plzz help me fix it I need help and i've tried fixing it by pushing the menu and play/pause and center buttons and it just resets it and doesnt work!!!!!!!!!! I think it got wet but I dont kno!!!!!!!!!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanxss????

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I'm running a 8gb 3g nano and had the same issue but it was NOT due to water damage. I confirmed the issue was due to new firmware (don't by iTrip by Griffin) being plugged into my iPod.

The second I plugged it in the screen froze. Upon reset the WSOD shows up with the all too familiar two beeps.

I tried resetting, restoring, a multitude of different ways but nothing worked. What I ended up doing was plugging my iPod into my computer > closing iTunes and then putting the iPod into disk mode (hold play/pause and the center button).

Once I could access my iPod via My Computer I opened the file structure and deleted EVERYTHING. I only suggest this method if all of your songs are backed up on iTunes.

After everything was deleted I ejected the iPod, reset it (issue persists) by holding the center button and "Menu", and then plugged it back into iTunes to restore it. Upon the completion of restoration iTunes automatically performed a reset and the ever needed apple showed up and the iPod was fully functional.

I confirmed this fix twice because I broke it twice in the exact same method. Again, this WILL NOT help you if you have water damage or any time of loose connections. This strictly for firmware that doesn't play nice.

Hope it helps.