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I'm just want to know whats wrong with my internet because i cant find the server when I search for it but i can find my neighbours? and i know my server is working because my other laptop can find the server easily.

Please let me know.

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Do u have one of those enternt boxes in ur house

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Make sure your cordless phone if you have one is away from your PS3 as that could block the wifi signal. Secondly if that doesn't work and a wired connection is out of the question, you can try disable the wifi for a few minutes, you can also try restoring the system settings which won't affect your save data or anything just the settings so your wallpaper, time and date and things like that. Also go to custom set up and make sure your ip, DNS and everything is correct. You can easily find that information on your iPhone to find it. You could unplug the router and don't expect help from customer service on this as they probably don't see it as anything they can do on there end and may ignore it.