Can't get past safe mode [Closed]

 farva -
i am having trouble with my laptop, its a toshiba and i got it used. I tried powering it up the other day and went directly to safe mode screen choose one it goes to the window logo and then back to the safe screen again and again i can't get passed it. is there anyway of getting passed that before wiping it clean? i have files i have to get through that i will lose five years of work so thats why i am asking. Even when i shut it down it does the same thing . what do i do?

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go in to system setup and take it out of safe mode its easy yes the file may be messed up but most of the time its just locked up
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It sounds like a Windows file is damaged. I would take it to a PC shop and have them copy the contents of the drive to another drive. After they have done the copy process they can then try to repair windows.

Good Luck

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