BSNL Type 2 Modem sharing in 2 PCs

ravi - Aug 27, 2009 at 02:45 AM
 anonymous - Sep 27, 2009 at 06:21 AM
Hello Sir,

Please tell me How to share the BSNL Type 2 Modem in 2 PCs procedure.
I have two PCs and one BSNL Type 2 Mode. I want to share this modem with 2 PCs.
I want to know the procedure. please tell me how to share the modem with 2 PCs.

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The settings are same for both wireless and wired connections.
Steps to set up your PC's:
1. Click Start->My Network Places->View Network Connections (In the left pannel)
2. Right click empty area on the screan and arrange icons by type and also show in groups.
3. Right click your wired/wireless network adapter in the area LAN or High Spead internet connection and go to properties.
4. Tick Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from the list then go to properties just below this area.
5. use the ip adress (anything between) 192.168.2 to 192.168.253, subnet mask as, default gateway as leave the DNS part blank.
6. Click Ok to close TCP/IP properties window. Click OK to close your network adapter's properties window.
7. Close rest of the windows.

Folow the same steps on your other laptops with different ip adresses as in step 5.

Steps to setup your router:
1. Open internet explorer.
2. In the adress bar where you type website's name type and press enter.
3. Your default username = admin and passwork = admin.
4. Click Setup on top.
5. Click PVC0 in the left pane.
6. Select PPPoE in the drop down list.
7. enter your username and password.
8. Leave rest of the fields in the defaule state and click apply.
9. Click tools in the row where there was setup (as in step 4).
10. Click System Commands.
11. Click Save All.
12. Click Restart and ignore the warning.
13. Now you will be able to connect all your laptops and desktops to the internet using bsnl router.

If still you are not able to acess internet on some of your PC's then this is because of any of the following reasons:
1. Network Driver is corrupt.
2. Firewall is blocking internet.
3. Virus or any malware.

You must make this secure too.
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Aug 27, 2009 at 03:32 AM
Hello there,

If the modem has LAN, you just have to use a switch to split the connection between the 2 computers,

You will need more RJ45 cables connected from computer to switch,

Modem connected to Switch