Acer 3620 keyboard stopped working

nikki - Aug 29, 2009 at 01:59 PM
 nice - Jun 18, 2010 at 08:00 PM
Hello, I had just hooked up a flatscreen tv to my grandmas Acer 3620 laptop...and now the keyboard won't work! The mouse works....but whenever I try and type it just beeps everytime I hit a key...any ideas?

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Sep 1, 2009 at 08:18 AM
hi there,

The reason these beeps are happening is because there might

be a key that is slightly depressed enough to where

its registering keystrokes. Move your fingers all over the keyboard

and see if you the beeps stop after you do that.

If it still is going on then that means your keyboard is bad and will need to be replaced.

HI NIKKI, Got the same laptop is 3yrs old.if your try to open will say "crtl key seems to be hold down" have you solve your problem pls email me..
hi, i think u can press Fn + F7 or Fn+ F6