Faulty keyboard stopping my computer booting?

Ziggy - Aug 30, 2009 at 09:12 AM
 Blocked Profile - Aug 30, 2009 at 03:34 PM

I had some trouble with my computer tonight. It was getting stuck on the Motherboard Splash screen and not booting up properly. It would not let me enter into bios or anything. The keyboard was also unresponsive, it wasn't lighting up.

At first I thought it was a Power supply issue, which is still a possibility but I'm not so sure now.

Now... I have had my wacom Intuos 3 unplugged from my computer for awhile, and since then I've gotten some new stuff for the computer (New keyboard, new screen, new mouse, new fan controller, new heatsink, some replacement fans). I haven't added any extra fans, and they're not more powerful than the previous ones. The mouse is wireless and battery powered. The only things that are drawing extra power now are the fan controller, which has a little LCD screen, and maybe the newer keyboard a bit.

So I plugged my wacom in while the computer was still running because I needed to reinstall the software for it to match the res. of my new screen. It needed me to restart the computer to complete the installation, so I did.

That is when the problem started and I was getting stuck on the motherboard splash screen, neither the wacom lights or the keyboard lights were lighting up.

So I turned off the computer, unplugged the wacom and rebooted and it worked again. So I thought maybe the PSU (Corsair 450W) was the reason for it, couldn't draw enough power for everything.

But then later when I tried to turn the computer on, without the wacom, I was getting the same problem again. I went ahead and unplugged a couple of fans and turned the computer on again... and it worked...

Then it didn't work again, so I unplugged all the fans except for the cpu, my 2nd hdd, the fan controller and the DVD drive. But it still wouldn't work.

Then I unplugged the Keyboard... and it worked. And then I replugged everything else other than the keyboard, and it still worked. And I've turned it off and on like this several times now, with my old keyboard, and it has worked. And then I've tried plugging my new keyboard in (Which I've had for about 1 month and had been working fine until tonight) and everytime I try to start the computer with it plugged in I get stuck at the MB splash screen.

So my question is... Is the keyboard the problem? I mean it seems to me to be the problem... but can a keyboard hardware failure actually be responsible for the computer getting stuck at the MB splash screen? I've never heard of this happening before and I can't find any info about it.

The keyboard I'm having trouble with is an Enermax Aurora Premium, I'm using my old $20 logitech one atm.

Had this logitech for several years and it is still working great, if my new keyboard has failed after 1 month I won't be a happy chappy, it wasn't cheap!

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Aug 30, 2009 at 03:34 PM
Hi ,

There are many reasons that your computer is having those issues :

1: Faulty devices
2: Software or hard conflict
3: Cable problem.
4: Motherboard recognition problem

Best advice is to have a complete maintenance of your computer.