Create a bootable pendrive [Solved/Closed]

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how can i create a bootable pendrive without use of floppy.

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Hello Sir,

This is the only way to do this:

1. you will need your USB key and a DOS bootable floppy disk.
(note: The DOS bootable floppy disk must use "format /s" command. A WinME system disk can't do this.)
2. Insert the USB key and a DOS bootable floppy disk and boot.
3. Enter the BIOS setup.
4. Go to
>"USB Configuration"
>"USB Mass Storage Device Configuration" section
> set your USB key's "Emulation Type" to "Hard Disk".
5. "Exit & Save".
6. Boot from the DOS bootable floppy disk, and format /s your USB memory key.
(note: Be sure to check the drive letter assigned to your USB memory key before formatting.)
7. Reboot and enter the BIOS setup.
8. Go to "Boot"
>"Removale Drives", and set the "1st Drive" to [your USB memory key].
9. Go to "Exit" and "Exit & Save".
10. Remove the DOS bootable floppy diskette and reboot.
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hello, please get the complete instructions from the following address.


Hi gupte,

You will get instructions as per your request on link below: