Days360 not picking up years?

 Trowa -
Hello people!

I hope someone can shed some light on a small dilema I have.

I am somewhat of an excel novice and am presently working my way through learning lots on Excel 07.

My task is to work out the days lapsed between two dates; not hard in itself - until some wise crack dedided that they wanted to know the days elpasped over years (irrespective of weekends/workdays etc)

The data (dd/mm/yy format):
A1 = 31/05/08 (Start date)
A2 = 20/05/09 (End date)

I have been using (numeric and general format)
A2-A1 =

Yet I am constantly returning negative figures - please could point me in the right direction?

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Hi Moobag,

Format your cells to standard/general.
A1 will then be 39599
A2 will then be 39953

=A2-A1 results in 354 (days).

Best regards,