Skype answers incoming calls automatically: how to stop it

Skype answers incoming calls automatically: how to stop it

Many people who use Skype to make audio and video calls, faced the problem that Skype automatically answers their calls. Why would this feature even exist?, – ask users. Microsoft developers say it's made in order to keep an eye on children or pets remotely when they are home alone. Microsoft fixed the problem in the latest version of Skype, but anyway, if this bug still happens to you, here is how to fix it.

How to disable automatic call answer in Skype?

  • First of all, check if you have disabled automatic call answer on Skype.
  • To do so, open the app, click on your profile picture and choose Settings.
  • Then, go to Calling and untoggle the tab Answer incoming calls automatically.
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What to do if Skype still answers your calls automatically?

If the bug continues to appear try these methods:

  • If you use smartwatches, disconnect it from your phone and switch off and on the Bluetooth. Then restart Skype and connect it again;
  • Update the Skype app if you use an older version;
  • Restart the app.
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