No screen display when laptop powered on

Omar Usman - Sep 13, 2009 at 01:36 PM
 Omar Usman - Sep 14, 2009 at 06:19 PM

My 1st post here. I came across this forum looking for a problem with my laptop screen.

What Happened:

I was playing Delta Force. My laptop was on a blanket. Apparently it got heated up and the game locked. I tried closing the game to go to Windows. Eventually I did a hard reset, Rebooted my computer, waited for the laptop base to cool down, and started the game again. 2-3 minutes into game play, the game locked again. This time I could not even go to windows. Eventually I did a hard reset again.

After this, when I turn my laptop back again, NOTHING can be seen on the screen. There is no back-light even. I do notice that the laptop seems to carry on it's boot activity and all other lights etc. seem to appear normal.

What I have done So far:

I have tried the following, but I am getting the same problem. Nothing on display.

1. Removed RAM
2. Removed HD
3. Cleaned Fans/Filters
4. Attached secondary monitor, "NOTHING" on the monitor too
5. Removed battery

I even tried placing a windows xp bottable cd. Blindly, I can tell that I was able to start the installation process on boot-up when I supposedly got the display "Press any key too boot from CD . . . ."

But .... NO DISPLAY.

Any help guys?



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