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I was wondering if someone could assist in this aggrevating issue. I have an issue with my laptop which required to switch out the motherboard. Replaced motherboard and was fine.

Specifications of the laptop are:

Model: HP Pavillion dv9008nr
AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile
1GB Ram
nVidia Chipset

This one is hard to explain but I will do my best. When I type a letter key, it types in correctly and all is well. When the num lock key is on though the function keys that would be locked on the keyboard come on but there is no indiciations on the keys that those are keys that have those shortcuts. Example:

Num lock is on and if I hit the letter j the number 1 comes up instead. On the letter j however it does not have an indication that it has a function key associated with it. I know that if I had the incorrect motherboard in the machine this could be an issue which could cause this problem. I have the latest Bios, Chipset, Quicklaunch, drivers and all other downloads needed from the HP site and so on. I reopend the machine and made sure I had the correct motherboard.

I have tried disabling the function lock on the machine and it doesnt seem to be working. It is my understanding that the function lock is Fn + Num lock. I also tried Fn + scroll as I vaguely remember Fn + scroll turns off function lock on other machines, however on this machine the Fn + scroll just turns on the Scroll Lock thus not providing any additional shortcuts that can be changed. I tested to see if the function keys worked at all and it tested positive on the brightness shortcut. I tried all the others as well and they work correctly.

Any information provided would be very helpful since I also do accounting work and am on the road a lot. The number keyboard is very important to my daily business use.

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Well I found a resolution to the problem. To comment on the previous users comment the function keys instructions come from the motherboard themselves. For example you dont have to have an OS installated to turn up the brightness on a laptop screen. The function keys will do that which is integrated into the motherboard but also I should say the OS. Like the www key or email keys. Sticky keys I was aware of and the function lock was not on. The regional settings had nothing to do witih it either. The problem was the motherboard itself. I spoke to HP parts and they sent me another motherboard. Once loaded did not happen at all. I appreciate everyones help on the issue. It steered me in a lot of different directions but ultimately replacing the motherboard worked.
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hi there,

go to control panel and regional setting

then choose English language us