My ipod wont sync my apps

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Hello,i restored my itouch and for some reason its wont sync my applications I dont if its the software or not. whats wrong with it? should I go to the ipod store?

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Try this:

Make sure you have Authorized the Computer (From the top menu: "Store", "Authorize computer").

Then from the top menu, choose "File", then "Authorize Purchases from xxxxxx iphone"

Then go sync the apps in itunes with the iphone. Your purchased apps (free and paid) will then sync to the phone.

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thank worked!!!!
thank you. It worked!
Its easy go on itunes on your computer click your device with your name on it.
next to summary it says apps click on it.
next to sync apps click on the box and it will have a tick then click the games you wanna sync and click sync. simple.
mine doesnt give the option to check aps I wantt o add so I drag them and hit apply but they wotn go on the ipod
Same here Kristy!!! So freaking aggravating!
Hey, I had the same problem as those in the above comments..I tried what you suggested and it didn't work. The syncing messages were there but the apps weren't transferred. This doesn't happen with music, though.
hey..try and try..its a matter of failed attempts...i just keep on entering wrong password..until I reached failed attempta apple set..and finally I was able to restore..
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For the two comments above this one, all you need to do is:
1. Open iTunes
2. Where it says music, click and change it to Apps
3. The previous step should have brought up you App Library, click and hold on the app you want on your device (obviously your device need to be connected to you PC/Mac)
4. Drag the app that you want to the right-hand-side of your screen
5. This should bring up a list with all you connected devices
6. Drop your app onto the device that you want that app on

Please reply if this helped,