Need help with Ares- just keeps searching

 caaaaaris, -
I've had Ares for several years and love it -
I'm running Ares on Windows XP

for the last few weeks when I search for a song, it just keeps saying "performing search please wait" and never produces any results - it does say connecting up at the top, so I'm pretty sure it's connected.

Any ideas?

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Cheryl, my ares does the same.
And- when you restart your computer / laptop or load it up when you click on Ares were you laptop / computer has the start bar (menu bit) were the time is, a little pop up should come up saying something about firewall has blocked ares click to see more. if you click, you can click 'stop blocking' or something like that, And then Ares will work fine. :)

Dear Sir,

I think that your ISP blocked Ares access as it is prohibited to download over the net!

I am sorry for this

so how can I fix that? and why would it do that just all of the sudden?
Can anyone help me fix this?????