Ares not connecting but shows connecting for

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i have ares 2.0.8,3029 and it won't connect it keep saying connecting for hours and I don't know what to do so that it will say online so I can start downloading music.Can you please help me !!!!!!!!!!

Configuration: Windows XP

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Dear Sir,

Go to Control Panel,

Open Windows Firewall, try to see if the firewall is blocking Ares access

Just add the program to the exceptions list,

Browse the file path, for example

c:\Program Files\Ares\Ares.exe

thanks I finally got ares to connect

My ares is not connecting but showing connecting for hours, can you please assist me
Ares not connecting - how to fix
Monday, July 7, 2008 5:14 PDT -07:00 Featured

Ares users have been reporting the return of the problems getting Ares connecting to the network. The problem is in the servers used for the initial connection to the Ares network, making it difficult for users to connect the first time they start Ares.

Once Ares starts and connects to its network, it has a list of `reliable' IP addresses and keeps them for the next time you fire Ares up, so it's really just the initial connection that is a problem.

Ares Vista has solved the problem with an advanced technique for pushing an updated list of host servers out to users to connect to, so is not dependent on the initial list of cnodes like the older versions such as Ares Galaxy are.

It might be a hassle changing over but the 15 minutes it takes to download and install the new version of Ares vista will save you much frustration.

I got to fix it. if any questions just email me