Ares Not Connecting on my PC

 iacapa -
Ares isn't getting connected on my PC no matter how many ever times I re install the software.
So is there any solution for this?
the version is ares 2p2 2.0.8.
Pls help me out guys!

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k I got a solution try it.... open ares and go to control panel go to transfer and c the port number copy it then go to windows firewall and click on exceptions and then click add port then type in the name ares and select the port as TCP and paste that port number. do the same thing 2nd time but it shuld be udp. this should work
Thank you

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and what about widows 8 ?
THANK YOU ! Not able to use WMP for some reason. I had Cyberlink already. This free download fixed my problem in about 45 sec. Thank You..Thank You !
This worked perfect for me. I had downloaded multiple times and tried other suggestions but this one worked amazingly!
ya what about windows 8?
I went back to Ares and it works just fine!
Hmmmm do u have another solution for widows7 !!
i tried the one u said but I could fint the expections
thank u it got connected using the port number idea.
Port thing worked like a charm. Thanks SJ
i have tried eveything... I am using windows vista and I have a wireless connection. also my computer is a hp touchsmart... I need help to get my ares to connect.
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only version I could get to work on 8 is
My isp controls the router so no port forwarding.
Start it, search something simple ex Elvis, click a few downloads and it should connect. btw it will find downloads while still connecting.
hey ur copy and paste thing is a charm chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm
thx man you realiy help me there :)
hey thanx for ur advice but I tried it manyyyyyyyyyyyy times but it didnt work
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if there still got problem on your ares to download, you should install it again by downloading it from cnet only... Im done.