How to stop address bar search suggestions in Chrome (2023)

How to stop address bar search suggestions in Chrome (2023)

Like most browsers, Chrome allows you to perform a standard web search from the address bar. It often gives you suggestions. However, you may disable this feature if you wish. This article will show you how to make this change in your browser's settings.

How to disable search suggestions in the Chrome address bar?

  • Open Google Chrome and go to Settings.
  • Select the You and Google section from the right pane and go to Sync and Google Services.
  • Next, scroll down to the Other Google Services section and switch off the Auto-complete Searches and URLs option.
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How to disable searches from the address bar?

Note: This method is currently unavailable.

Here's how to disable the ability to make searches from the address bar (omnibox) of Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Type the following in the address bar and press Enter.
    • chrome://flags/.
  • Scroll to Enable search button in Omnibox.
  • Select Disabled.
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  • Click on the Relaunch now button, you will no longer be able to search directly from the address bar. 
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