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 Jim -

I purchased a DELL 1735 laptop approx. 11 months ago and have been having problems with the LCD screen. About 1 month ago my wife was using it and seen what looked like a crack running across a portion of the screen. While using it, the portion of the screen below the crack slowly turned white, however the rest of the screen was still working properly. We called DELL support and they advised that they felt the screen was damaged from abuse and therefore would not warranty it, ( this is without actually seeing it ). We have had the laptop into a computer shop that actually does DELL warranty work and three technicians looked at it, indicating they could not see any signs of damage or abuse and felt it was a screen problem ( bad screen ) but DELL still would not warranty the problem.
I am wondering if anyone has had a similar problem, or if anyone may have a suggestion as to what else I may be able to do.

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hi there,

you need to get the screen changed

or use an external monitor attached to it

I have a 5 year old Dell Inspiron 5160 which looses its screen light often and is getting worse. I have to keep hitting the Fn key and then the F8 key to bring it back up. Somedays I have to do this 15-20 times before it stays lit. All I got from Dell was "You're out of warranty".