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My Icons on the left side of my task bar have disappeared how can i install them again I have tried drag & drop,
no use

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Hi, Good Morning,

When talking about the left side of the task-bar i guess it is where we have the start menu, so the icons you are talking about are in a special toolbar called quick-launch. If disabled, you cannot drag items to the task-bar, it wont be possible. So as to drag items in the task-bar and also view the icons you must activate that toolbar(Quicklaunh)

You can use either of these two methods:

Right-click on an empty part of the taskbar (normally blue in color if you are using window Xp theme [in windows xp]), then in the pop-up menu go to toolbar and rest your mouse pointer there, it will expand showing you some more sub-menus. Then select Quick launch and you will see some icons on the left part of the taskbar neighboring the start button. Now if you drag items in the quicklaunch they will be addaed.

Open control panel and do the following:

-if you are using category view go to Appearance and theme then open taskbar and start menu
-if you are using classic view open Taskbar and start menu

in the task bar tab, task bar appearance section, activate show quicklaunch section (Make sure it's having a check mark)

Thank you
Many Thanks for your assistance Problem solved
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Thanks a lot, you answer my problem