Outlook 2007 Attachment Issue

Rtn_B - Sep 30, 2009 at 04:43 AM
 samuk - Jun 10, 2010 at 06:29 PM
Ok, here's the thing.

The problem I am facing is so peculiar that it is very difficult to understand whether it has been asked before. There are just so many ways to put it. I have tried searching at least 15 different combinations on google with no avail.

My organisation is using the Google Apps email.

So my branch office is using Outlook 2007 and so am I. (I am based at my HQ) But my 2 other colleagues at HQ are using OE 6.

My branch office sends daily report with 2 xls attachments with a CC to me one more colleague. All of a sudden since 4 days now, my colleagues (including the one who is in 'To:' field) at HQ stopped receiving the attachments. They only got the E-mail mssg. With no warning mssg or anything the attachments were missing. If u look at the mail, the first impression is that the sender forgot to add the attachment.

But the sender did not miss out on the attachment. I got the mail complete with the attachment. (I am using Outlook 2007 as is the sender)

The webmail of all 3 of us (1. The person who is in the 'To:' field and one colleague and myself are in the CC field) shows that indeed there is an attachment. It is just bein omitted in OE 6.

So it looks like an issue with OE 6 ryt? Wrong! The messages were being delivered fine and they stopped all of a sudden. I get my mails on my mobile phone through Nokia Email, and the colleague who is in the TO: field uses a Blackberry. The attachments are missing in both the push mails.

So my outlook is able to rcv the attachments sent frm my branch office using outlook 2007. But various push mails and OE 6 are nt able to rcv the attachment even though the attachments are visible in the Webmail of all of us including the sender.

Any idea what on earth is going on here?

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Sep 30, 2009 at 06:16 AM
Dear Sir,

Kindly notify your problem to Google Support Team for they might be having some troubles about it.

Their software might be malfunctioning and mean time I will be advising you to use Microsoft Outlook 2007 where you

are able to get the attachments.

Google Support Team will hence provide you with the necessary information of what is going around the matter.

Thank you.
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Try changing outlook 2007 as default Mail Client