How can i format my pc

Arturo - Sep 30, 2009 at 05:19 PM
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hi! i have an assus laptop and i want to format it. can anyone help

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Oct 1, 2009 at 03:10 AM

Let me guess this is a new laptop, because if it a laptop you have been using you'll have to back the important data before proceeding.

The solution am offering is based on windows installation and formatting.

You'll need to acquire Windows installation CD before you continue, and if you have one then well, lets proceed.

Power-on your machine and quickly and carefully insert the CD before the machine boots. Then access your BIOS settings and change the boot priority to CD-ROM/DVD-ROM(as the first boot device).

Entering BIOS setup will sometimes vary with the machine, type and version of BIOS you are using, but the common keys are : DEL, F2 and sometimes F12 or F10

Save the BIOS settings and close, you'll get a prompt asking you to 'press any key to boot from CD/DVD, just press a key and windows will load some of the files in the computers memory, then it will restart windows and then as you proceed windows will list your drive(s) indicating all the Partition(s).

You can delete the partitions by pressing 'D' and confirm by 'L', or you can decide otherwise(you will use one of the partitions from the list - also note that the selected partition is where windows will be installed [but in your case you just wanted to know how to format], so i guess i won't explain the rest of the process.

In-order to install windows, you'll have to format the selected drive(partition), press enter to install, then you'll have to format by selecting the file system. Among the option that you will get include:

*Format using NTFS File System (Quick)
*Format using FAT File System (Quick)
*Format using NTFS File System
*Format using FAT File System

For drives with large capacity it's recommend to use NTFS File System.Then from that point you are done. The formatting process will begin.

If you just wanted to format, after the above process (Formatting process), you'll shut your machine down manually by pressing and holding the power button.

But if you decide to install windows then proceed with the installation.

Have a wonderful day and Enjoy!!!!!!