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I bought a pendrive from kingston 16 GB...Whenever I copy a single file larger than 4 GB its not copying into my pen drive...So can anyone explain why its not copying?...One of my friends told that, a single file of size 4 GB cannot be copied into any pendrive..Is that true?
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Had the same issue. Changed the file system from FAT to NTFS and it worked fine.
To convert FAT to NTFS, right click the drive name of pendrive -> select Format -> File system type select NTFS.
If NTFS is not available (only FAT is available), then Right click at pen drive -> Click Properties -> Select Hardware tab & click properties -> Goto Policies Tab -> Select Optimise for Performance. Now you should have NTFS in Format menu.
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I found a solution myself...My pendrive was in FAT 32 FILE SYSTEM, thats why I cannot copy a single ISO file of size 6GB...Later I changed my pendrive's file system to NTFS...After the conversion of file system to NTFS the single ISO file of size 6GB is easily copied in to my pendrive & even very quickly...Thanx to my BRAIN for thinking this much...hehehe :)