How to transfer pictures from camera

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I have got a canon camera - i have been taking some nice images that i would like to print.
I have bought a quality image printer.
How can i transfer the images the my pc.
Its an old canon!

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Hello man. Is this camera a camera with a memory card? Well if so then put that memory card in the responding slot in the front of your printer < if it has one usually they do. If no you can go to office max etc... to buy a card reader. But if it has the slot after you push it in if it dosn't come up with an option to copy photos then go to >My Computer > there should be a removable drive, in my case it is Removable Disk (F) then click and open it and keep clicking on the folder till it brings you to a picture directory. From there you can just copy and save photos. Hope this helps a little :D
I've been using card readers to transfer pictures files for years. But recently I can no longer even open the folder on the memory card(when it is connected to PC via a card reader.)

Yet, the pictures can be viewed on the camera.

Is it a virus problem?(Happen on cards for two cameras, Sony and Nikon, and on more than one PCs.)
do you have a locking mech on the actual memory card.

sometimes there's a locking mech on the side of the card and you have to make sure that it's switched to an unlocked mode.
Hi Jim - I need some help with my SD memory card. I have photos and vides on the memory card but when I connect my camera to my PC and view the files on the drive I can only see the pictures. This has not always been the case and worked correctly in other cameras but with my new panasonic lumix it has stopped working. Do you have any advice?
Thankyou Mr. Man, that worked for me :-)
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Mr. Man
You THE MAN......

Thanks for the tip.

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Transferring picture is a very simple process all you need is to get a card reader.

Then you place the memory card of your canon in the card reader and is the pc adaptor .

It will open on your pc as a pen-drive.
I have a canon camera worked just fine. Then I downloaded a file from norton. Then my computer download my photos from my camera,
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hi jamesyap34,
just place ur memory card in the card reader and it will eventually work;-))