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1. My Hewlett Packard all in one C6180 was working fine until I "washed" the blank spots on my hard drive. (I'll never do that again!)

2. First, an error message (See paragraph 4 below) came up. I could see it involved my printer. Then, fatal error 1304 came up as I was reinstalling application with the CD. (I first unstalled the program)

3. Tried uninstall and reinstall again (actually 5 times!) The Reinstall stops 1/2 way through with a failure notice.

4. *** The following message (at boot up) WILL NOT go away, and is ALWAYS on the forefront of my screen:

"WindowsFormsParkingWindow: hpqimzone.exe - unable to locate componet: ...failed to start...MSVCP71.dll was not found."

5. HELP! I've spend 10 hours searching Hewlett Packard and MS support - I have No Answers as to why the system "cannot locate the component." I only know that my HP CD will not completely download, which means I have only some printer functionality. No scanner or digital imaging for sure.

7. I checked my Eventvwr.msc and the first error noted was error 1304 writing to C:\program files\hp\hp software update\main.hta

8. I tried cleaning my registry with Uniblue (which claim to solve .dll problems, but did NOT help).


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Hi there,
Well i think that the problem is with your printer but if you continue persisting to intall the software you will get your windows crashed. HP softwares when you install they ask you during the installation to plug in your usb cable connected to your printer and if the printer is not detected or detected with some failures then the installation will abort. what i will recommend you is to try to start the installation and when it asks you to plug in the usb cable do it and if it is still not good then dont try to persist with the installation you will crash your windows..

Hope that this will help you

See you
Hey Jenifer!

Thanks for your comment about crashing Windows. I didn't realize that could be done!

I guess that I wasnt' very clear about my issue - the computer is telling me that I am missing MSCVP71.dll (a window's driver) for applications in the HP Printer. I located a place to copy the driver, but have not idea where to put it... in the registry?

It striictly involves, apparently, the HP SoftWare Update:

After some research, it appears that HP C6180 has several problems that cannot be fixed (typical of HP in my opinion). In my case, however, I was enjoying the all-in-one until I relied on a "wash" from SpySweeper to do its job correctly. On the other hand, HP (who is rarely proactiive) says on their site that there is no cure from my problem and to not worry about it because I can still print. True, BUT I cannot fax or scan or use the updates.

Any other ideas? I undertand about the cable, but that is not the problem. Now, however, I am concerned about your comment about crashing windows. Thanks for the heads up.


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