Regedit is disabled by the administrator

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Hello, whenever i run regedit a message is displayed "registry editing is disabled by the administrator". tell me what to do? Thanks for any help.


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To enable registry editor that was disabled by some malware please do the following to regain access and perform maintenance:

Enable Registry Editor using Group Policy Editor
1. Click on the Start > Run and type ”gpedit.msc” on the field (without “).
2. Navigate to:
- User Configuration
- Administrative Templates-
- System.

3. On the option: Prevent access to registry editing tools
4. Click Disabled and click on the OK button to save settings.
5. Reboot your computer.
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the file doesn't exist in my computer what to do?
Thanks to you i can now access to registry editor....
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its really worked:)
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Dear Sir,

You are actually using a User or Guest account. You have been restricted on some specific tasks and hence

won't be able to access to them. In order to perform the particular task, you will have to log in as


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