My g4 ibook screen won't turn on

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my g4 ibook starts up with all the right noises but the screen is completely black.this happened after the screen froze while on myspace,i turned the computer off,restarted it,then the usual apple page came up,then loads of lines across the screen.i then restarted it and the same happened.i left it for a day or two in the hope it would fix itself,but now the screen is black,nothing.all the sounds and the fan seem perfect,volume keys ect..really important that I get it fixed,i am in need of help.does anybody know a solution or had a similar problem?many thanks

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Aug 7, 2008 at 01:16 PM
Hi Maloney,

First things that come to mind are just the basics:

Reset pram: hold down cmd-option-P-R keys just after starting up. Keep holding these down. You will hear the startup chime again. Keep holding until you hear the chime three times.

This has worked for me in similar situations, but I don't know why because it shouldn't work: hold down cmd-option-a-v at startup. It's an old key command for use with AV monitors, but desperation makes odd fixes look more appealing...

Reset the PMU: see this page for directions for your exact model of iBook:

Try starting up with the CD that came with the computer: Put the cd in and hold down the C key when you start/restart.

Look through Apple's support pages if you haven't already. You might find some answers there.

Good luck!
i haven't found a cure or solution yet I am afraid,i asked the apple shop about it and they said it coul;d be a number of things,graphics card ect,but he seemed to be just trying to get me out of the shop,i guess because the g4 is considered an inferior model now,but I want mine working again,i am still attached to the thing.if you have any luck let me know,i will also return the favour if I have I find any more news of how to resolve the problem.jamie
I have the same problem and I did Reset pram as you suggest, It's work :-)

Thanks, thank, thankz
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Linux, eh? I like them, but I have a mac. Hello, Penguin!

PS:I have only used linux by using OpenOffce for Mac.
Power up then CMD+P+R WORKS!!! YAYAY !!! I did this after it went dark again after applying pressure to the lower part of the laptop and voila!
Hey Thanx a lot for the suggestion ... It worked for me ....
Jun 6, 2010 at 09:51 AM
Big thread, great advice.
I spent hours researching this problem on the net, and have settled for a chip on the logic board that, after a lot of wear and tear, doesn't make contact correctly with the mother board.
Apparently it is 'easily?' fixed by taking your mac to bits and inserting a plastic shim across the offending chipset....the pressure on the shim when you put the ibook back together is the fixer.
But if, like me, you don't have the `bottle' to start taking your ibook apart and messing about with metal across circuit boards, just get a pack of Post It notes, (I use the small 1.5?x1.75? ones), place your ibook on the pack on a flat surface, and press down on the left and right side as you switch it on.
Keep the gentle pressure on till you get through to the blue screen and all should be well. It's not a permanent fix, but it works and needs doing at each bootup. I'm happy doing it each morning, as I work from home, but it might ruin your author street cred if you have to do this in a cafe or public area.
If you only want to boot up to get your files off prior to sending it off for repair it might just be all you need.
I need to add that in 99 ex 100 cases this will work simply by placing the postit note pack in the middle of the case, under the ibook so that it balances, and switch on as normal. It seems the weight of the beast does the business without any undue pressure. Try that first.
How did my ibook begin to die? Worked fine for 4 years, then someone stole my bespoke ibook case, and I used an old pc one that was lots bigger than the case size. I think using that case and the constant bouncing around my car boot for hour upon hour as I travelled the country has loosened the board slightly.
Hope this helps at least one person out there.
Hey guys...great advice so far! the cammand+control+R+P worked a few times...but then it stoped working....i have an appointment to get it looked at, but I would rather not spend the money. any more ideas? I really need to get this thing fixed soon for work and school, very important!
The knee thing works!! I have a Powerbook G4 17". My monitor did not turn on. I had no chime on start up, but I could hear the hard drive starting up and quietly turning. Could not turn off the computer by holding the power button. I thought I tried everything...went though the standard getting-the-thing-to-work techniques: PRAM startup, the PMU reset, target disk mode, etc. etc. Opened the thing up, did some troubleshooting, narrowed it down to a logic board problem. And then I stumbled across "the knee technique." Thought it was a bizarre solution, but tried it anyway in desperation. And it works!! The knee technique really works!!

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ibook freeze problem , my remedy is take off the back cover insert twenty six cents 1 quarter and one penny (glue together avoids slippidge) on top of video chip, isulate from board (electrical tape is good) put cover back on and hey presto ( what the heck is presto?) anyway it worked for me. Bon chaunce

Holding down the C button while the OS 10.5 is installed WORKED! You are my hero! Thank you for your post because some Indian jack@ss wouldn't tell me that one simple thing, he wanted to charge me $50.00. It was enough to pay $20 for a replacement OS disc.
Sep 19, 2008 at 08:06 PM
Dude, my friend just called about his iBook display failing. I gave him the old (Cmd + Opt + a +v) trick and it blew his mind. Made me look like a god thanks to you. I told him to call if he's got anymore brainbusters.

Thanks again, saved his butt while he's on tour...

what is the cmd button or what do I press I am useless at this and I need help my daghters school work needs to be done and I dont understand trems cmd thanks angie
CMD is command, it is the key with the apple sign and clover on it.
hey there,thats very interesting.i have put it on my knee as it says and yes it does give me a screen again,but its still that tv liney thing,has it worked for you?
You have to keep the pressure on the ibook the entire time. If you let go or reduce the pressure, it will display the lines and then fail. I plan on putting the shim inside my machine. I will keep you all posted if it works.
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May 17, 2009 at 12:17 PM
hi did you ever manage to put the shimmy in the g4?if so,did it work and was it difficult?many thanks
shimmy works great, just be careful
Wow! Cmd+option+A+V did it on my 6 year old iBook G3. Got the blank screen of death after some crazy lines across the screen. Couldn't get it to come back. I know that a weak battery can cause this too - as it happened with my G4 iBook and has not happened for a year with the new battery. What a lifesaver
I'm having the same problem. colored lines, blacked out screens. Resetting the PRAM worked for a while, then when that stopped I did Ctrl+Cmd+Power, and that also forced my screen to come on occasionally. then it stopped completely and I wasn't able to turn it on until I took out my battery. I am still getting the colored lines, but my computer won't get them as long as I have it on a flat surface and don't move it at all. The second I move it the colored lines come back and it freezes. It works as long as I don't move and I think its worth because I can use it. I also had the loud fan, and the bottom left side of my computer would get very hot suddenly. I really hope this works for you as well!
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Apr 9, 2010 at 11:33 AM
this worked for me thank you so much!
I have the exact same problem, no Windows lap top will do that, I really start thinking that ibook is a truly and real piece of shit. They also have this called Sudden Shutdown Syndrome is just ridiculous just because Apple did not have the quality control to create a fine Lap top, they charged so much money when they were new and now we have to deal with their lack of technology.
I forgot to mention--it WAS turning on with noises-by not turning on I mean no screen.

sorry! thanks
This was a VERY helpful thread. My G4 laptop is doing the same thing; first had the technicolor freeze, now black screen. Has any had their laptop repaired through Apple? I'm wondering about how much is the cost for the shim fix, etc. Sure how the Square Trade warranty is enough to cover...
Apple does not like to take responsability for their creations specially when the Sudden Shutdown Syndrom came up, mayor over heating problems, they got so many lawsuits and they still not want it to take action, very sealy company.
Great work everyone,
S, your solution did the trick for me, thankyou.
Ultimately though i'm resigned to the fact that my 5 year old laptop is a goner.
Above all else this a result of what my tech friends refer to as I.O. or Inbuilt Obsoletivity. When people say they don't make em like they used to, they're right. The need for a continuous demand cycle means it is no ones interest to built machines that won't eventually break. its just a question of how soon that can give diversified ideas of a 'quality build'. Sigh. Its a bloody waste of materials but I guess it does advance technologies.
Sep 14, 2009 at 03:35 PM
Apple + option + a + v worked like a charm for me
Sweeden to Apple to court on the iBook G4 on a Class Action Lawsuit and WON. They had literally millions of iBooks with defective Logic Boards.
We need to form a group here in America and Sue them too. I am NOT going to pay $350 for a new logic board. I would rather spend it on a good attorney and sue the Bastards.
I used your trick to push against my knee and push down. It worked perfectly.
here I am thinking its a fatel virus and all this is all it was.
Although I cant use it while pushing down on my knee, it still eased my mind, thank you :D
This logic "patch" woke up my sons iBook G4 :) Thanks for the instructions.
I thought the black screen was hopeless as the genius bar had no idea and wanted to charge me 200 to just look at it. I agree with adding pressure to the logic board. This seems to get everything working! thank you so much. NOW I have 2 laptops. Anybody want to buy my excellent condition mac ibook g4 12 inch?!
Jan 15, 2010 at 06:13 PM
hello,i'm wondering if anybody can help,my imac g4 which runs on tiger recently decided to not boot properly,when I turn it on it goes to the apple screen then the dial spins but doesn't go any further,this only started happening after an automatic update from apple.please help,all of my illustrations are on this g4 and I need them : ( kind regards jamie (great help from you all last time,many thanks)
Did you get it working? Was the prob. a too-full hard drive?
Hi sorry for the very late reply : ) moved house etc.I got mine working again, the only solution I found was to reinstall the system with tiger, now it works perfectly again, I did an archive and install, which saved most of my vital you have the tiger installs?perhaps you need panther?it depends what it originally ran on.write back may be able to post discs
cant find command bar & icon on display
cant find command bar & icon when display apper on ibook g4