Ibook g4 password wont accept

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My ibook was having some issues earlier today, freezing up, being unresponsive - the task bar at the bottom would not work, couldnt put anything in the trash bin, hugely reduced speed - a number of things. I held down the power button to force a restart because it would not restart on it's own, I was worried it was a virus or something.

When it booted back up, it requested my password, which it did not accept. I am fairly certain I know the password and have tried any number of iterations in place of it, to no success. I do not have a Mac OSX disc, as this computer was a hand-me-down, so that particular avenue seems unlikely.

Any thoughts? The only other time the computer has had any issues, a friend sequestered a bit of my HD off as a seperate...I dont know, but a portion of my computer is still available, albeit at greatly reduced functionality. I can check certain email accounts, there are things I cant access online, it's all very confusing. I'm mostly just worried about my files on the HD.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately A disk is need to probably fix you issue

Since you are a G4 you probably have Tiger 10.4 - 10.4.11 operating system while these disks are no longer sold new you can get them from the used market E-Bay and Amazon are 2 posable sources get the generic Tiger disk since all Power book disk sets do not work with all power books.

With the freezing up etc issues you may have a bigger issue with Battery ,power supply ,ram or hard drive that may be causing the loss of password.
All of the above items can be tested for
-power ( take battery out) try and start computer {note some power books will not start with battery out}
-Battery run on battery and see if it works for a while {close to what the meter at top right says}
-Ram remove ram or change ram to new slot and start computer does it go wonkie
- Hard Drive needs disk to check ( could use the norton 8 utility (for mac))