ondaem - Oct 24, 2009 at 06:45 AM
 Biman Ghoshal - Oct 24, 2009 at 07:15 AM
how can i set up a LAN in two seperate buildings about 10m away.

My monitor light blinks when power on but the system cannot boot

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Biman Ghoshal
Oct 24, 2009 at 07:15 AM
1. If it is only 10 Meters away, just throw a CAT5/6 Cable accross to a SWITCH (not a hub) and attach a server (if you have one spare) as a DC for Windows or a YPslave for NFS/Linux. If you DO NOT want to share the network's broadcast traffic, and want two different networks, use a simple routing device and keep it in the "other building". You can use a server with two NIC's to do this too. If you can afford a managed switch with layer 3 capabilities (IP layer) then you can use such a device and enable IP forwarding between the two Networks. Hope that helps.

2. Your Graphics card is probably set to a frequency your Monitor cannot handle or has simply gone bad. You need to reset your System's BIOS by the method your motherboard's manufacturer suggests. If that does not work, remove the motherboard battery (a small, quarter sized flat thingy, you cant miss it), wait five minutes, short the two poles of the battery holder (not the battery! :) and wait ten more minutes. That should re-initalize your CMOS and enable the monitor. You may remove and re-install your graphics card too. If you are unable to see the POST (the system test when you power on the system) or your manufacturer's logo, that's bad news: probably bad graphics card if you do not hear multiple "beeps": although there's some standardization, the way a manufacturer's motherboard beeps signal errors may differ. I think 2 beeps (not very close to each other) indicates the problem video adapter. Please do get another monitor to test that your Monitor is not bad first!!

Hope this Helps!
Biman Ghoshal