Dell Inspriron 1545 Screen Problem

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I have a problem with my Dell Inspriron 1545, the laptop has it's usual way of turning on with it's logo and everything. After the wait and logo, I enter my password that I've set and as it gives me the normal "Welcome" and the "spinning ring" (is what I call it). After that, my desktop is blank (with the exception of the color of the desktop that I have set [which is a light army green] and the arrow [and spinning ring sometimes]). There's absolutely nothing, no faint images all but my expired McAfee (that is i guess, "built in") find it's way of being shown for a second and disappears as usual. I've tried to right click but is unable to see the "drop box". Ctrl + Alt + Delete won't even work, the color green has never became so annoying in my life.

Before all of this madness, I turned my laptop on and it's going great so far. I enter my password and I see my desktop with the icons and start bar, but without my "special bar" that acts like a knock-off of a Mac's icon bar and the vista side bar with my applications. I noticed nothing would load like the internet connection and anything I (double)clicked. Nothing showed up, so I planned to restart the laptop. I restarted the laptop, the desktop faded away with everything else as usual. The "Logging Off" oddly took forever (possible 8-10 minutes maybe even shorter because of my impatience but I knew it was pretty long). Eventually I became tired of waiting and aborted the restart by making a hard shut down. The long "Logging Off" problem has happened before when I wanted to shut down the laptop and so I made a hard shut down, but when I turned it back on everything was fine... Until this happened.

Please help me find an answer.

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If your running windows vista as soon as the "dell" screen loads start tapping your F8 key on the keyboard... if you do it correctly you should end up with an advanced boot menu where there should be an option to select "boot to last known good configuration". Hit that see how it goes.
Make sure your computer is powered down.
Turn your computer on and immediately start pressing F8 on your keyboard repeatedly until you see a black screen with white writing that gives you a list of boot options.
Use the down arrow on your keyboard to select the Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) option.
Press Enter on your keyboard and cross your fingers.