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I am using IE8 browser on WindowsXp. Til last fortnight I was able to see Images in my gmail. But all of a sudden, when I try to open any email containing images, I get security warning from Microsoft firewall that webpage contains content not through HTTPS secure connection.

I want to know what setting has got changed. Is it due to some update from Microsoft or Gmail has made certain changes. I have tried to solve the problem by changing security settings from internet options to default. Adding Google & gmail as trusted sites. But problem is not solved.

Gmail setting for always display images is ineffective. It seems that Images are filtered at the server before email is downloaded in my Laptop.

I have not tried in Firefox.

I am from India.

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In IE:
Go to Internet Options
Go to Security
Click on the Internet icon
Click on the Custom level button
Scroll down and near the bottom, look for "Display Mixed Content"
Change it to Enable

Display video and animation on a webpage that does not use external media player - Enable

Hope this helps everyone with this annoying problem!
Thank you

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It worked for me! Thank you!!
Hi, I fixed this problem by modifying my IE8 security options. In Tools, internet options, security tab, custom level, I changed the miscellaneus option to Enabled.

I hope this be useful for you.
Thank you Andes, it worked for me.
Ok do this, click on "Tools" in IE8 and then on "Internet Options". Now click on the "Security" tab then on "Custom level". Scroll down to "Display mixed content" and click on "Enable". Net click on "ok" then followed by "Apply" to be done.
Money shot! That did the trick. thanks!

Thanks, that solved the problem
It fixed my display picture issue for gmail too. Thanks a lot for the tip!
Great Tip. 100% recommended!!
thanku it really worked..
Thanks. It help alot. I think is the stupid IE8 issue that make this unavailable...
I think I may have an answer for you - this one confounded me for a little bit too! Right before you open an e-mail which contains pictures, you'll probably get a pop-up message asking if you wish to see only content which is secure - you should answer 'No,' and then you will be able to see the pictures OK.