Shutdown system by setting a timer cmd [Solved/Closed]

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How can we shutdown our system by setting a shutdown time.

For example if we want to shutdown my computer at 5.50pm how can we do it automatically.

Is it need any extra software. If yes please send me a good link for that.

Thank you......
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that's simple command run by run command

shutdown -s -t 20000
-s for shutdown
-r for restart
-t for time

To cancel, run the following command :
shutdown -a
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No it's not, I just set it to two hours (I'm using XP).
larry is right, no upper limit on XP's shutdown. Vista's shutdown's limit is 10 minutes (600), but you can move the shutdown.exe executable from XP to Vista, and then use it unfettered with no upper time limit.
Thanks 4 the command
thats simple command run by run command
"shutdown -s -t 30000"

-s for shutdown
-r for restart
-t for time
s working . Pls give the steps for win 7 & server 2003 also
Try this command..!!

for shutdown at 11:00am

"at 11:00 shutdown -s"

without Quoutes..!!
Here is the way to shutdown pc on daily basis

1- Start Menu>> All Programs>> Accessories>> System Tools>> Shedule Tasks

2- Go to file menu and click Schedule Task

3- You will find 3 tabs, first one is "Task" , here in run type " shutdown -s " In "Run As" type

4- In "Schedule" tab, set your required schedule and press ok, If it ask for password just click ok.

Now its done.
Better use Chrono Shutdown application ... verry practical and easy to use ..
Create a batch file (e.g. shutdown_now.cmd) - (180 secs = 3 minutes)

:: Shutdown batch file. Designed to be run from Scheduled tasks at 17:50
@Shutdown -s -t 180 -c "Shutting down computer as it is 17:50"

Then create a scheduled task to run at 17:50 daily and call the shutdown_now.cmd script that you've just created.
Go to start, all programs, accessories, system tools, task scheduler. Click, create basic task. Name it, next. When, next. To the right of start, input 5:50 pm, click wanted options, next. Start a program, next. Under program, shutdown. Under add arguments, -s -f -t 0, next. Finish.

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