Help outlook took over my aol emails

 jo -
I got a new hard drive and put in my email addy for outlook, now it has taken over all my emails. I am not sure how to get them back, should I delete outlook express. I have tried for hours. It gave me an error of 556, so not cant send messages from outlook, cant seem to find where to fix it and want aol back. thanks

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Dear Robin,

Please consider going through these steps for solving the problem that you are having. This should the matter.

Start by signing on to AOL and open the Outlook Express application. From the Tools menu, access to Accounts.

From there, Add Mail, then configure the internet connection wizard and enter your name in the Display Name

field. Follow the instructions properly. The email server name should be IMAP, incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server By reconfiguring the your account settings,

you should access back to you mail.

Thank you.
I saw your e-mail about getting e-mails from outlook back to aol. I think I set up ok but I want to get all the e-mail in out now back into my aol-email?