Dual monitors with onboard and discrete video

Sasan - Aug 13, 2008 at 04:25 PM
 coltzer - Sep 22, 2011 at 04:31 AM
I have a Sony Vaio PCG-RX755 that came with the SiS 650/740 chipset and onboard video.
I wanted to have dual monitors on this computer, so I took my old Geforce2 MX card out of my older computer and installed it into this one, thinking I would then be able to use 2 monitors by connecting one monitor to the old onboard slot, and the second one into the Geforce2.
However, the computer apparently automatically disabled the onboard video, and only the Geforce2 shows up (and hence only the monitor connected to that turns on).

Is it possible to run dual monitors with a setup like this?

Operating system: Windows XP Home
System Ram: 512mb
Chipset: SiS 650/740
Graphics card: Geforce2 MX 32Mb

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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turns out there is absolutely no way of getting t wo monitors on a PC with an on-board and a graphics card slot because windows xp uses the same id for both, besides this your processor wont process this due to the fact that that the graphics card is run in subliminal tasks. I wrote a code that allowed you to do this and it was completely unsuccessful because the second, on-board graphics card is classified as an active task and takes up around 85 percent of the processors active task force width.

sorry abut the downer but i felt the same when i couldn't do it.

Mark Blake
umm it is possible but extending your desktop will use up RAM, so u should consider getting a RAM upgrade if u want the best performance.
unknown, how u do it, i have a better ram, if u want my computers specs, go to
and g to the bottem of the page.ty for any help.
ive seen a youtube video where the guy puts one in onbourd and one in card, lots of vids actually, my pc just wont detect the other monitor in the onbourd slot
Aug 13, 2008 at 08:56 PM
No, there were always problems with that SiS chipset and dual monitors. You can, however, stick another video card into any spare PCI slot you have and ignore the onboard all together...
Bit late on the answer, but for any future people looking here, generally it WILL work ONLY if your BIOS has some kind of option to enable both onboard and PCI express graphics. Ive had varying success with different computers and it all seems to come down to the option availability in the BIOS, so have a look there.
What OS are you using?

Go to your display settings and select how you wish to extend the desktop.

In windows 7

Right click desktop
Click Personalize
Click display (little link to the left)
Click change display settings (little link to the left)