My laptop has black screen and 3 beeps [Closed]

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Wednesday November 4, 2009
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November 5, 2009
 Denise -
I have a problem with my laptop HP PAVILLION DV2083ea, all I can see is black screen followed by 3 beeps and when I check my hard drive it is functioning as well as memory, I believe that 3 beeps indicate that my memory is damaged or not properly replaced right but I did try to place it properly and also I try to use my memory in another laptop and it is functioning well..

what seems to be the problem of my laptop

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Wednesday May 13, 2009
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March 12, 2010
hi there,

you will get more information on beep codes on link below:

My laptop gives 3 beeps, one long beep and two short beeps with a blank display. Tried everything to fix it but did not work. Eventually a friend told me about technomart and they fixed the video chip fault in a day. Works very well now. I am glad because I depend on my laptop a lot. Hope this helps.

Hey I found a way to fix it but I doubt it'll last forever. It worked for me, so maybe it might work for others.
I had the same problem with my HP Pavillion.
It might sound a little weird, but it worked for me.

Once it turns on and beeps, leave it on but shut the laptop lid.
Eventually the machine overheat and it will manually shut down. (To speed it up wrap it up in something, leave it for like half and hour.)
If you turn it back on, it should work again.

As odd as it sounds, it worked for me.

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