The new ipod nano 5G video to computer and DV

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hey well i got my ipod nano 5th generation the one with the video camera.i have heaps of videos that i have taken with it, but i dont no how to get those videos and put them in my computer. they wont show in my itunes wen i plug it in i dont get it, how do i get those videos and put them on my comp.
I also want to upload a home movie from a DVD to my PC and put it on my IPOD.
Can anyone please walk me through the steps. I have no clue what I am doing!

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ye iv got so annoyed at this.. come on some one has to no how to help us :S
??my problem is the same??
same here!
To get video off your ipod, if you are on a Mac, go into your finder whn the ipod is connected, click on the ipod, then open the DCIM folder, then open the 000APPLE folder and the videos are in there. Drag them to another folder on the Mac.

If you are on a PC, go to My Computer, find the ipod and the movies will be in the DCIM/000APPLE folder again. Easy Peasy.

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Thanks, going to try this now - it's been doing my head in! It should really have been made more user friendly.
OOOApple is in the DCIM folder.
That's easy...

Go to your iTunes then...

Select "Enable disk use" in the summary table of your device or "Manually manage music and videos." Either one will allow you to use iPod as a drive. If you select "Manually manage music and videos," iTunes won't automatically update iPod with the iTunes library. If you want iTunes to automatically update your iPod, select "Enable disk use" instead.

The iPod disk icon appears on the desktop and in Finder windows, and in My Computer/Computer in Windows. Double-click the icon and drag files to or from iPod's window to copy them.
thaaaannnkkkk you death metal!!!i finally figured it out!and ur comment is straight and clear and kinda funny..hehe..thannnkksss again!!!
I finally figure out a way. Kill itunes as soon as it starts to load. Then you can see the videos under the DCIM directory, just like a digital camera. Itunes somehow keeps windows explorer from seeeing the ipod - very annoying. People say windows is bad - if this what the mac world is about, no thanks!
wait, but how do you upload the videos to youtube, if you have a PC. I know Mac might be better but some people dont have 1,000 to just buy a Mac with, help?
find the ipod in Computer and find the DCIM file - then just drag them or move them or whatever but thats where they are
If you have a Mac, connect the ipod then, go to finder, and you should see the ipod like a device. Click on the ipod and you should see the DCIM folder. Then is just a copy paste.

If you have a PC, go to your PC, and you should see the ipod like a hard drive. Same procedure as above.
Ok forget those people who gives you links to other sites to download crap. Here's the simple way. Click the start button, go to your computer, click your Ipod, then click DCIM, then click 000APPLE, find your clip, copy them to another folder, and ta da! you got your vid. enjoy :)
care ful when trying to get videos from your ipod coz i jus deleted my hole ipod accidently do to retarted mac /pc none compadability.
plug you ipod into the computer
- then go to my computer
-then click on the icon that either has a picture of your ipod, or id says something like removable disk (:E)??
-then click on it and choose the video you want
-after that create a new folder on your computer by right clicking your mouse, the go to new, then folder, then name it whatever you want
-then drag your video into it, then you can drag it where ever you want or open it somewhere.(EX. windows movie maker)
Sync. Share. Or put more you in YouTube.
Connect iPod nano to your Mac, and iPhoto opens and syncs all the video you shot on iPod nano to your computer. It's just as easy on a PC when you use your favorite photo software. On a Mac, you can organize your videos in albums or events using iPhoto, too. And the video file sizes are perfect for sharing on YouTube or emailing to friends.
Well if you have a mac all you need to do is get iphoto and use that to transfer video files. Now if you have a windows/pc (which I have myself), I use verizon's media manager. All you do is hook up the ipod with media manager, make sure your on the video section, then click save next to "your ipod" on the side bar. It will ask where to save the video files, you can save them where ever you want them on your computer. You're welcome.
you drag it on to your desktop if have found it in iTunes.
You connect your ipod to your computer and wait for it to read and then you go to films on the left hand side and click on it and then you hilight the one's you want on your pc and then you right click on them and select copy. Then past where you want it.
sad, and just want my videos on my pc :(
Jan 2, 2010 at 08:38 PM
no one asnwered the question here ??? please just tell me how to upload my videos onto my pc??
please!!! :(
death meatal chipmunk
Jan 3, 2010 at 07:27 AM
go into my computer, double click on your ipod (this will bring up the files within the ipod), find the file labeled "DCIM", then enter the file within "DCIM" (mine said "000APPLE"), there should be videos there, copy the videos and paste them somwhere on your computer, if this doesn't help you must have a glitched ipod or a glitched mind
scrapper > death meatal chipmunk
Jan 4, 2010 at 08:47 PM
thank you so much that is the best info have tried for days to get it to work worked right away and now I can enjoy all my family videos.