The new ipod nano 5G video to computer and DV

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hey well i got my ipod nano 5th generation the one with the video camera.i have heaps of videos that i have taken with it, but i dont no how to get those videos and put them in my computer. they wont show in my itunes wen i plug it in i dont get it, how do i get those videos and put them on my comp.
I also want to upload a home movie from a DVD to my PC and put it on my IPOD.
Can anyone please walk me through the steps. I have no clue what I am doing!

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you plug you ipod into your computer and there should be an autoplay window. open the files and find "DCIM" file and your videos should be stored there. but my problem is that i cant convert an mp4 into a regular video so i can put them on youtube
prism video converter.... thats all i have to say.
Dec 30, 2009 at 07:38 PM
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Just buy MKV Converter Studio, its 29.99 online download and will convert most of formats
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You suck just like PC. Whoever said PC means piece of crap is right. I had that thing for a while and it was so slow. Then I got a Mac and my life was saved. It takes 1 second to go on the internet. All PCS have cheap processors!
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Do you have a mac?
Well I don't, I have a Dell
So it is hard!

- Open "my computer"
- Click on the drive your ipod is on; e.g. "My Ipod (G;)
- Click "DCIM"
- Your videos are located there. they are mp4 video format
I was able to copy the video to my desktop, but I can't figure out how to play the .mp4 or the .DAT file. I only have the software that came with my Mac. Do I need to download some software to view the video? Thanks.
you need Quicktime movie player
thanks this helps me a lot
May 9, 2010 at 01:59 PM
this worked w. me, thanks a lot :D
Thank you!!!
hey guys the first thing u need to do is that pop up ur itunes then under devices click ur ipod now click on summary,and in the down u could see an option that is use it as a disk or something like that. U need to enable it,after that click on apply.Now u should see a removable drive in my computer. go through the drive you will have a folder named DCIM or Apple00.inside the folder you will see the videos that you have shot in mp4 format u can copy this videos anywhere u like. Hope this helps!
it is simple
1.plugin your ipod
2.go to my computer on the ipod icon
4.go through all the folders till you fide the movie you want on the computer
5.ctrl c to copy the folder
6.go to the the folder you want the veidio to be in
7.ctrl v to paste the vedio to the folder you want it in
8. hope this helps

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Plug in your ipod
go to Start,
With your drives, you should see your ipod's, if not, plug your ipod in again.
There should be a list of folders, click the one with the letters (ex. DFCA[i forgot the actual letters])
click the apple folder (it should be the only one there)
then there should be a list of your videos
one file, being the actual video, and one being the data file (.data, or something)
you drag the video file to your videos folder (you might have to open another Computer/Documents window so you can drag it correctly) and there will be a copy left on your ipod as well.
1. Plug your ipod into your computer
2. Go to my computer. Your ipod should be on there. Click on it.
3. The files should pop up. Then click on DCIM.
4. Once you click on it, your vidios should automaticly be saved to your computer.
theres no DCIM folder on my I pod
This is a simple thing to do first open itunes and click on summery of your ipod under were it says manuelly manage music on the list there is a enable disk use check it and click apply and then sync after that go into my computer ipod DCIM 0000apple and there is a list of the videos you have taken there in mp4 format so if you want to upload them faster you should download. any video converter and convert it to WMV and upload them on youtube WAY FASTER!
Importing Recorded Videos to Your Computer

To import your recorded videos to your computer, iPod nano must be enabled for disk use.

To enable iPod nano for disk use:

1 Connect iPod nano to your computer.

2 In iTunes, click iPod nano in the device list and click the Summary tab.

3 Select "Enable disk use."

4 Click Apply

5 Go to "My Computer" and click on your ipod nano device

6 click DCIM

7 click Apple000

8 Find your video and drag it onto your PC

No software is supplied by Apple for this task
when u plug in ur ipod, go to my computer on the desktop (if you hav windows or something) and ur ipod should show up as a device. clik on it to view ur files and i'm guessing you can cut and paste the files to and from your ipod
First you need to plug in your USB cable into your ipod nano and then the other end to the computer usb port. a window should pop up saying at the top your name EX: JOHN'S (F:) indicating it is your ipod nano 5th generation. the window is named Autoplay. There are two different sections to the window box. the first box is named: Picture options. then there are things you can click on what you are asking for is the first box called Import Pictures and Videos. Another box will appear named Import Pictures and Videos. in the box, type in what you want to name the file to be saved onto your computer. after your done press the "ok" button and the videos will begin to import onto your computer, after it is done(it might take a few minutues depending on how many videos you have on your ipod nano) a new window will open and it will be all your videos and a thumbnail of your video. you can click on any of your videos and it will open in windows media player playing your video. if you want to edit your vids i suggest you used windows movie maker if you have it. to upload your videos to sites EX:, press upload on the site and press on your files and press pictures and press the file you chose to name the vidoes. do the same thing to just watch the vids on your computer or edit vids on Windows Movie Maker. I hope you succeeded with my steps and got to what you wanted. just to tell you i am only 11 years old! lol Bye
download the ipod nano 5G manual at: then scroll to page 55. Basically when you plug your ipod to the computer itunes opens. Go to "summary" in the set up and check "enable disk use" that will allow your nano videos to show up in iphoto
Thank you. I was having the same issue.
This did't help me :/
this didn't work. :(
go to my computer, and in Data:E there will be an ipod symbol, double click, then go to DCIM.
how do you get to my computer this is really confusing
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Here is a software to transfer all iPod content to the iTunes on your computer, including iPod music, movies, playlists, videos, podcasts, ratings, last played, and more. It's such a powerful one that many friends around me have used it for a long time. Enjoy
pleasee!! i have the same problem
im tired of trying
help us!!!
you guys are lifesavers.
merry x-mas.
yea my videos wont even show up, the disk thing is enabled and everything
i cant click on my ipod icon on my desktop because when its done syncing, it goes away... what do i do????!!
Step 1: Plug in your iPod nano.
Step 2: Click "iTunes".
Step 3: Look at "Devices" (left side of sceen) and click on the icon of your iPod.
Step 4: Click "Summary".
Step 5: View "Options" and click the box next to "Enable disk use".
Step 6: On the bottum of the screen of iTunes, click "Sync".

Hope this works.

- Josie (nickname)
you connect it to your computer with the charging cable
omfg the same thing is goin on with meeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
same problem! does anyone have an answer to this?