Nano 2nd gen white screen of death

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 Ali -

I have a ipod nano 2nd generation. It has the white screen of death. I have read where pushing and holding certain buttons will reset it. But I am ignorant of the terms used for the buttons. What buttons do I push - MENU, >>|, >|, |<< or center? In what order? And for about how long?


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Hold the menu and centre button. It worked for me.
Thank you

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Thank you so much I am a 54 year old technophobe with an ancient I pod which is now working!!!!
Thank you so much - this just worked for me!!!!
Love the solution, My 3rd generaton iPod just showed the white screen, I pressed the menu and center button and it cam right back to life. Thanks!!
Phew - thanks. I'm a zumba instructor and my heart was in my boots when it went blank! Menu and Centre brought it back

Hi there,

Solution for the mentioned issue is on Faq ,follow this link:

Sorted me out thanks. Wedding playlists for 5 days time and really started to panic! Nice1!
notworking for me.
I was having trouble too. I am charging my ipod right now because it was dead. My screen isn't really white it's like when you watch tv and it goes fuzzy. I will wait a while for it to charge and I will see if it works but my hopes aren't very high...
Ok so after I let it charge, I tried it and I thought it worked until I tried turning it off to see if the white screen of death would come back, which it sadly did. I don't know what to do...
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Annie, I think I'd take it to some Apple service ppl then, if you have the chance.

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