Nano 2nd gen white screen of death

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 Ali - May 16, 2017 at 01:15 PM

I have a ipod nano 2nd generation. It has the white screen of death. I have read where pushing and holding certain buttons will reset it. But I am ignorant of the terms used for the buttons. What buttons do I push - MENU, >>|, >|, |<< or center? In what order? And for about how long?


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Hold the menu and centre button. It worked for me.
Thank you so much I am a 54 year old technophobe with an ancient I pod which is now working!!!!
Thank you so much - this just worked for me!!!!
Love the solution, My 3rd generaton iPod just showed the white screen, I pressed the menu and center button and it cam right back to life. Thanks!!
Phew - thanks. I'm a zumba instructor and my heart was in my boots when it went blank! Menu and Centre brought it back