IPod will not get pass the Apple logo

 Itsyoboi -
Ok so last night my ipod battery died and when I woke up it had the red battery saying to connect and charge so I did that..... And when I turned it on the apple logo appeared the screen then got a little brighter then it just went black I went to turn it on again and it just keeps repeating on then auto off.... I rilly need help my ipod is my life... thanks for any help.

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My ipod just did that then I plugged it into the computer to see if that would help..it didnt so with my ipod plugged into the computer I reset it (hold the off and home keys for 5-15 mins) then the plug into itunes thing poped up and it needed a update. That should help. The update will take 24 mins to download and after that itunes will restore your ipod... have fun.
Thank you

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i'm restoring as we speak.
I had to hold down both the home and off buttons with the iPod plugged in and iTunes open 4 times (unplugging between each attempt) until iTunes finally gave me a restore option. Eventually I was able to restore iPod (Nano 7th gen) and resync music. Thanks!!!
Omg this post just helped me fix my ipod that has been broken for like months! thanks!:)
Hey guys you have it all wrong. When an iPod battery is fully drained the software prevents you from using it until their is a sufficient amount of battery charge. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes until you can turn it on. So don't worry nothing is wrong with your iPod

Hope this helps
I stand corrected it worked. Thank-you Alex:)
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i connected it to my computer and turned it off immediately and pressed both buttons again and it worked! I love you all xD
tried all of these and they still didn't fix my ipod... :(
My 3rd Generation iPod was Jailbroken and my sister hit the reset in settings now it only turns on and goes to either the battery sign or the apple and playboy bootlogos then it flashes white and starts the cycle again. Can someone please help me out. I need my iPod back.
OMIGOD THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! I TRIED EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE ADVICE ON THE APPLE WEBSITE BUT IT WASN'T WORKING!! my ipod died in the middle of an update, and then it went back and forth between the dead battery icon, the apple icon, a white screen, a pale minty green colored screen, a navy screen, and a hot pink screen. I thought it was a goner. THANKS SO MUCH!!