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 feris -
one day when my ipod ran out of battery and I connected it to my computer but it didn't show up and it still charged so I connected it to my macbook and it showed up. The next day I spent $50 worth of songs on my computer but my ipod doesn't connect so I can't add them on and i'm afraid that if I uninstall itunes then that money will go to waste what can I do??

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I KNOW THE SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's not the computer it's the ipod
hold down the menu and the center button for about 15 second and that reboots it (don't worry you'll keep all your files) and then plug it into the computer again, it should turn on!
Thank you

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i've tried that lucy but it still doesnt work. I tried installing itunes again but it still didnt work. I also did that putting my ipod in save mode but still my computer or itunes doenst recognizes my ipod ...... nothings worked so far.
i also tried another computer and a different cable but noting ..... I tried my cousin's ipod on my computer with my ipods cable and her ipod worked on my computer with my cable ..... so I dont know what the hell is the problem ..... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!
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Are you swearing my apple companyy eehhh...dont use ipod then...go and use mp3 ok!!!
Thanks Lucy - That totally worked for me! I didn't even think about rebooting the ipod when I ran into this problem. But rebooting usually solves all my problems. Thanks again, and happy holidays
Thanks it work holding the menu and the center of your Ipod it open again. Thanks again from el monte
Thanks it works
There's many reason why those two doesn't seem to work. But thanks to, I was able to find you the answers.

1. Your computer or iTunes is not to blame. Blame your iPod.
Hold your menu button down for about 15 seconds, let it reboot, and plug it back it in to your computer again, your computer should then recongnize your iPod.

If the first option doesn't work, here's my second option:

2. Plug in your iPod, and put it into Disk Mode. Hold the menu button, and let it reboot (Don't forget to leave it plugged in)
Now in your computer, go to your Control Panel. In your Control Panel, open System and click the Hardware tab. Once there click Device Manager. Find Universal Serial Bus Control, right- click Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and uninstall it. (If if's not installed with iTunes, get it)
If all these doesn't work, I guess you could just pray and unplug and plug your iPod.

Hope this helps!!!
thank you so much! that totally solved my problem
hey thanks I know this is an old post but it still happens thnx ur the only thing that worked
Another new user here - Mike's advice re USB control worked for me. Tried all the solutions Apple offered but this wasn't one of them. Thanks Mike, whoever you are!
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I have an ] touch 2 gen, and my computer ALWAYS recognizes it as a Digital Camera . I have tried every one of your steps, but the problem is that when I look for the "Apple" file in program files, it isn't there.
I had the exact same problem as everyone who mentioned that they took all of the advice given from reinstalling iTunes to uninstalling drivers and all the other junk. My problem was (and is) my cord. I couldn't figure out the problem for WEEKS until (just now) when I started to pull out my cord and noticed that suddenly my iPod was recognized and unrecognized just as quickly. I tested it again and discovered that when I attached it, I couldn't hook it up completely to where it snapped into place or the iPod would just charge and not get recognized or sync. Basically I need to buy a new cord. Unfortunately, I took the advice of others and uninstalled a USB I can't reinstall the main one. That's a whole other list of issues for another day.

So, to anyone who's tried uninstalling and reinstalling things, a word of advice, CHECK YOUR CORD FIRST.
ty, hwo do I get to device management?
THAnk YOU soooooo much
Thank you soooo freaking much!!
How do you get to device management?
thanks a bunch
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update the version of iTunes that you are using then connect the iPod.

this should fix the problem.
i tried that and it still didn't work
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It doesnt matter if you uninstall itunes because the songs are saved to your account and not just your itunes. so when you install itunes again the songs you already purchased will still be there
that worked for me! but really, if you are going to get a music device, DO NOT BUY AN IPOD this is the third time it broke on me this month and I only got it a couple of moths ago and treat it like gold!!!
dadaaadum you got a dodgy ipod then I think, mine has never messed up once until now and ive had it for 8 months. none of my friends ones have every broken either, maybe once.
if you're on windows you can right click on my computer and then manage devices.
Hi, I had this problem also. It would not show up on iTunes or windows explorer. I tried the select/menu reset to no avail. Then I tried disk management under the computer management in control panel. The partition didn't have a name or letter but it did show the memory, however it wouldn't let me assign a letter either. Next I found the device in the device manager under disk drives and I disabled then reenabled and still didn't work. By now I was pulling my hair out and ready to give up. I had one more try and looked further down the list in storage volumes and there it was disabled. I reenabled it and everything is fine now. I didn't expect to see the ipod listed as a devce and a storage volume but there it was. Hope this helps someone else..
this Problem Happened to me as well. I tryed a differnt usb port on my HP computer it worked!! try it on your mac. good luck.
this works :)
this helped me too !!!! YES!! thx
Put all your purchased songs on a flashdrive, unistall iTunes, if your songs don't appear on iTunes you'll have all the songs on the flashdrive.
ok so I tryed the menu and center button thing bit all it does is say do not disconnect. its been like that all day
leave it how it is because u have to let the battery die then recharge it and it will work like new.
hope this helps :0
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Windows 7 or Apple software updates something worked out good. Once I updated the software. After few minutes the OS said installing ipod USB device. It recognized my IPOD shuffle
I had this problem too, and what I did was go to my computer's Control Panel and typed "usb" into the search, and went to the device manager. Then, with my iPod connected to my computer, I updated the iPod usb port and it worked just fine after that.
Also for anyone that needs to uninstall and reinstall itunes to make sure I didn't lose the folder the music was stored in I just renamed the folder before uninstall then after reinstalling shut itunes down, delete the itunes (empty) folder and rename your old one.

Cheers, Chris.
BINGO!!! ok so I went to my "computer management" then I clicked on "device manager". I found my i-pod then uninstalled it. I then plugged in my ipod once again and it re-installed and Yahtzee!!!! back in service!
Pressing the centre button to reset my ipod worked ,yeppie ..Thank you soooooooo much .
had the same exact problem for the past hour just reinstalled all the itunes apps, bonjour, mobile reader everything unistall all the apple applications on your computor than install itunes should work if not im sorry :/ try it hope it works.
Make sure you hold down the menu key and play or start button down at the same time! The apple should appear as you plug up the IPod after hold down keys for 15 seconds!

I couldn't figure out my problem with this and then I called a friend who solved it very quickly. I was using a 3rd party cord which was no good. It charged but the wire connection for the iPod syncing was not working.

I had a spare Apple cord sitting around and used that. Instant fix!!!