Can't boot into XP/Vista any ,CD's not work

dusty.techstudentMCP,NET+ - Aug 17, 2008 at 01:04 AM
 virin autar - Dec 13, 2010 at 02:55 AM
check the jumper on the back of the cd/rom before you discard it . It should be set to Master before you discrd it. The jumper is a tiny clip that connects pins together. It is easy to pull this off and move it over to MA- master. Cable select can go out and seen like the cd/rom or even hard drive has died, when it actually has another rout of transportation for data. Cable select can burn out kind of like a fuse burning out. Master is another way for data to travel. just open the computer and look. This will cause alot of Hard drive errors such as can't boot into the Operating system or can't get my cd to play. It can even be intermitten errors not just total failure. Every one also needs to remember to Defrag and SCANDISK-Error checking for the hard drive. this will prolong the life.

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Did you fix this? I have same problem.
1) Had vista install.
2) put in XP CD
3) installed to seperate HD (f:) [NTFS]
4) after setup took me back to XP cd, so i restart again. Taking the CD out.
5) after i got past first few screens i got "_" a single unserscore that doesnt go away...
6) I restart again, choosing my boot device as vista hdd (c:) [NTFS]
7) I get Boot manager missing error msg..
8) I put vista CD in, and restart.
9) boot of cd i get a split second flash of the boot manager before it goes to a vista background (aqua gradient thingi) with no window. Wait a long time nothing shows.

Anyone got any ideas where i got from here?
Things ill try
-Reinstall xp on drive
-Repair xp drive and chkdsk all drives
-Possibly remove my vista drive and leave only my XP. Format, treat It as a new comp.
-Cry alot

If i can just get to either XP or Vista i know what i have to do to get the dual boot working.
Hay Elliot to make dualboot config is very easy in your case you install vista then you try to install xp the best way is first install xp and then install vista into separate hard or different partition.After when this donr boot screen will let you choose either which version you want to work with, cuz boot screen provide by vista it's shows windows xp as"earlier version of windows". check it.
lakatsou > Roshdec
Jan 13, 2009 at 06:25 AM
My friend i have a problem. I have vista but i dont like them at all. I try to boot my official disc with xp but it didint boot. when my screen say press any botton to boot from cd i press spacebar but it doesnt matter cause it continious and take me to the vista startscreen. Any help as soon as posible will be very apprisiated.
you have to press enter.
hello i have lots off disks and i need to reboot mmy loptop but i dont no wat the disk is called could anyone help me plz
hey for you to be able to do dual boot in your machine. You have to either partition your drive or use to separate hard drives. Afterwards, install XP first and when it loads completely, reboot and install your vista. After boot OS installations are completely, u will get a DOS screen that allows you to choose with one you want to boot up in. XP will be referred to as "early version"
After reading

It says if installing on SATA press f6.
I didnt do that when i installed XP ill try that...

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I also have that problem, please can someone help me to fix this.
Well my problem is when I start my computer, the first thing you see is "Boot from CD". Itry to put a disk in my writer but it doesn't want to read. I know 100 procent SURE that my cdwriter works perfectly. please by this. I think if i can't get rid of the BOOT FROM CD, i will also be able to put normal cd's in my writer...

help help help, add me please