Windows keeps on blue screening help plz

mentalj - Nov 12, 2009 at 06:21 AM
 mentalj - Nov 12, 2009 at 09:27 AM
hey all would be very grateful if some1 would help me solve this problem,ok 1 month ago i was in windows an i got a blue screen irq equal not less then when i tried booting into windows it said windows has detected a problem an needs 2 close down so in the end i just formatted all looked good until 2day mozilla crashed an i knew it was coming blue screen all over again ....

what can i do to solve this im beaten on this one i cant get into windows at all now an a format will jus not solve it,i tried removing 1 st ick of ram an booting vice versa with no joy i tried taking everythink outta my usb's with still no luck.

i went to the recovery an done C:bootcfg /rebuild
go a error:failed to succesfully scan disk for windows installations,this error may be caused by a corrupt file system,which would prevent Bootdcfg from successfully scanning.use chkdisk to detect disk errors.

so i done chkdisk :chkdisk has found oneormore errors on this volume

so thats where im at tottally lost so if someone would be grateful enough to help i would appreciate it alot cheers.

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Nov 12, 2009 at 07:49 AM
hi there,

on the blue screen what is the code displayed?

can you please note it down and give the information ?

also what are the hardware attached to it?like printer,scanner,usb devices?

hi i cant get the number of the blue screen it flash's so fast, i have my headset in usb an web cam boh from the xbox360 an mouse....just got into safe mode copying all my file from T viwer o this laptop just inncase.Also for some weird reason always before the blue screen mozilla crashes forgot to add that bit.
I know theirs a way to get the crash file up but aint got a clue.
Also run maleware bytes an no virus
i have windows sp2 im 90 percent sure thats the one i have ,but its been running sweet for he past 6 months just the last month it has been a nigtmare afer i finish the transfering 12 g odd ill reboot comp on an of to i catch the code it gives me