Unable to open message from Samsung Star mobi [Solved/Closed]

 nike -

I am not able to open/send/receive any message after I have received broken message on my Samsung Star W series mobile.

Please let me know if there is any workaround for this issue.


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try hard reseting your phone by using that code...

it worked for mine...

Thank you

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it solved the mobile is running smooth again

Dear Prem,

This could actually be a virus infection. I will request you

to restore the phone to factory settings to get rid of the


Thanks in advance.
Hi Iveal,

I have tried reset but didn't help.
Regarding Virus attack "This is Java based mobile" so this would not make any difference is what I feel.
I went to Samsung service center they said we need to upgrade the Software....
When they tried to upgrade it did not work out...

They finally took the mobile and replaced the motherboard... :-(

excellent solution. it worked. thank you very much!
Thanks a TON!!! Worked for me as well.
Thanks a lot nunze - Wroked like charm for me too !!!