Pc is slow after sp3

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Hello ive just installed windows sp3 on my computer and ive also installed drivers for my graphics card ati radeon 9000 but when it comes to windows it is really slow anyone can tell me what shall I do with my computer please?

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My computer got slower when i installed windowsSP3 too..
Try using system restore to the point when you installed Windows SP3..
windows automatically creates a restore point when you installed windows Sp3..

I don't find any use for Windows Sp3 anyway...
(and critics keep your comments to yourself)
I have a 9200 and after upgrading to SP3 I've expereinced huge slowdowns, and some display weirdness. Let me know if you figure any of this out
yaa i also feel the same .....
After installing to SP3 (Which was very difficult to do...took several times) my computer was much slower. Especially photoshop, which was never like that before.

I'm frustrated with some responses from people on this page. We're not asking "How do we make our computers faster" in general. I think we want to know, specifically, why SP3 made our computers slower? How can we undo whatever SP3 did? Does anyone know? Thanks-
I went ahead and uninstalled SP3 via the "Add or Remove Programs" feature. It worked really well for me. No hassles. I just did it yesterday, so, I can't really tell so far if my computer is back to where it was. But, I was pleased to safely remove SP3. If you google "uninstall SP3" a support.windows.com page comes up and they have several different methods of uninstalling SP3. I recommend it.

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I have a new Lenovo T400 that I am just setting up. It was all going fine until I installed XP SP3.

After installing SP3 I found my bluetooth mouse (logitech MX Laser 10000) would intermittently experience **severe** lag. What I mean is I move the mouse and a full second later the cursor would start to move slowly and then catch up.

I have tried the recommendation of changing the bluetooth service log in to Local System but it has not helped. The same mouse on my old T60 (XP SP2) worked flawlessly for more than a year and I had not problems for the 3 days I had the new machine until I installed SP3.

When I installed my bluetooth headset and Dragon speech recognition, I found enabling the microphone on Dragon causes the mouse to become unuasable.

If I had to guess, the bluetooth security fixes had cause an inability of the stack to cope with event streams. Iam seeing lots of reports - does anyone have a fix?

Note this is not a PC performance issue - everything else is as fast as you would expect. I is JUST the bluetooth..


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All you have to do is to go to ati's website and download the latest driver for your graphics card here is the link to go to the website : www.ati.com
I don't want to sound rude but this tip didn't help me speed up my computer too much. I actually got some better information out of another one of your posts that you made in February. That one told me to go and look at this review of RegCure and find out which tool.