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I am looking for a Macro that can help me with the following:

I create several worksheets in the same document everyday. Every worksheet has the same structure, with entries of stock prices that I manually write down. Each worksheet has a cell (A2) with date, a cell with time (A5) and a cell with the brazilian market variation (A8). For example, my newest worksheet has this cells as 19/11/2009; 11:40; -0,49%.

I would like to copy this 3 cells, from all my worksheets, into the first worksheet of my worksheet. Then I would know this 3 information of all the worksheets I have. I also would like the macro to update data looking for new worksheets, as I am always creating them (I can place a button in this first worksheet to play the macro, but I don't know how to copy data from different worksheets and how to write a macro to look and copy data from worksheets to be created).

Can anyone help me?



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Dear Sir,

Please find the solution within the below FAQ article: