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 saritha -
I have an excel workbook contains students details like name , Roll no, address,phone numbers etc. and another
book contains only Name, Roll number and fee details. I want to compare these two sheets and generate an excel sheet which contains the names and roll no of students those who didn't pay fees.

Please help.


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the configuration of the two sheets is not known. anyhow you can try autofitler -custom
Thank you

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normal two worksheets, sheet1 contains Name, roll no, address ..etc (almost 1000 lines ). second sheet contains same students fee submission details.

I just wanted to compare these two sheets.

result data sheet = data in sheet1 - data in sheet2

intention ..... I want to generate a workbooks containing list of students those who didn't paid the fees.

can u help, I am a beginner in excel.

thanks in advance


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