Ipod touch with 32 bit laptop

 jojo -
hi, i'm looking to buy my daughter an ipod touch for xmas, but I have been told that I need a 64bit laptop not the 32bit vista that I have. please could some one help and advise me as I am hopeless at this kind of thing, i'm surprised that I have managed to leave this msg (if I even have?!!) thanks jojo

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Almost any computer with a USB port and internet access will work with an iPod. There is more likely to be a problem with a 64bit operating System than a 32 bit one. (someone got the information backwards !)

Google "download iTunes" and download and install iTunes. Before you buy the iPod. iTunes is the Apple interface to the iPod devices. You want to know iTunes works before hand.

Good Luck
thankyou I will try what you recommended.. fingers crossed. thanx