Samsung impression touch screen doesn't work

 Amy -
My impression's touch is not working. When I touch it nothing happens. What can I do to get my numbers out?

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mine had the same problem so I re calibrated it to see if it would stop. After I calibrated it, it worked just fine for a few minutes but then it started getting all jacked up again. I figured it I calibrated it every day it would work so thats what I did. After a while the phone was so messed up I can no longer go to the menu and I can't get to calibration(which was the problem in the first place) and I would have to touch the screen about an inch below the thing I really wanted to touch for it to work. The calls were messed up too. I would have to recall a person about 6 times for it to finally even ring. If somebody called me I could just barely hear their voice but they couldn't hear mine. Then the screen started turning into static all the time and now it has a bluish tint that wont go away and the screen wont work at all no matter where I touch it. The phone randomly shuts down and just plain don't work no more. I've only had it for about 6 months.
i think it might because it got wet... because I have had mine for about 4 months and it is doing me the same exact thing... it all started after it got wet for like the third time.
that happened to me! I dropped it in snow though...after I dropped it it worked fine for about ten minutes and then the touch screen completly stopped working and then it would turn blue when I oppened and closed it...and then it just went black and wouldn't work at all.
You just have to recalibrate like everyday or a week because if you don't you WILL continue to have the same problems with every samsung impression.
my touch screen recently stopped working. I could go to the side menu but I could not go to the regular menu, my contacts, or press the dial key. All I had to do is turn the phone upside down and drag my finger across the button. I guess what had happened is I used it so much the sensor got pushed down in the black part where it says SAMSUNG.
all and all this is a great phone.
I have the answer!!! My Samsung Impression had the same problem! All you do is get your vaccuum the handheld part and just go thru the edges as it cleans out all dirt and water particles that may exist. It only takes about a minute. After you clean the screen and the back of the phone without taking out the battery the calibration should work again! It worked for me!!!

You must open your phone!!!! take out the screws!!! there is a cable that is not connected!!!!
i think that I should put a video on youtube showing how to do
This may work. Thank you. I am going to try this.
how can I calibrate it by the way?
a reply would help a lot :(
go to settings and phone and it shud say calibration
I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! but I haven't gotten it wet! I text a lot though. And it won't let me even go to the menu to fix the calibration but when I push the message button on the key board the screen is still messed up but it's more responsive to my touch. It literally did this over night! and I have to turn it off and on for texting sometimes because it will stop sending message.
I figured out that if I put my phone in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes or longer the screen begins to work a little better.

I've left it in there for about 3 hours once and it worked better for about an hour. but it's not significantly better. I'm getting a replacement under my warranty.
No. Its the worst solution. I would suggest every one not to try this one.
well obviously from all of these comments that basicaly say the same thing, you would think that they should have to fix this problem. My impression stopped working yesterday around 7ish. I have dropped it a few times but not from a very high distance. The screen is black and wont turn on. I know the phones on tho b/c the keyboard is blue? yesterday the screen was on but it was almost as if it was frozen and it wouldnt let me click on anything. This is very frustrating and I almost threw it about 10 times. I dont wanna loose all of my contacts and all my pics. Pleeze help. and any suggestions about a new phone?? im sick of this impression. at&t NOT impressed!! btw i've had the phone for about 10 mnts.
ive had mine since last october and now I cant send a damn txt msg! this is really bad and the insurance doesnt even cover it! DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!
So after reading about tons of ways to fix my touchscreen that just randomly stopped working I decided to just try and take out all the screws in my phone and mess with the inside but I didn't have a screw driver the right size so I just tried to pull the phone apart cause I was to the point that I didn't care if it broke cause it wasnt working already. I ended up sticking a beer bottle opener between the screen and the back of the screen part of the phone and it works just fine. For now at least. So if you plan to get a new phone but just want to get all your stuff off this phone I recommend this. It worked for me on 2 different impressions.
Hey , the same thing happened to me !! it's because you wetted the screen !
i put it under the sun directly for an hour ! and now its working , 3 days now with no Errors
Try to do it !

thanks for the advice I'm gonna try it! I love my phone but it stopped working after it got a little wet. hopefully this works!
> smokieandgoldie
Did it work?
I am also facing the similer problem, may because it's too cold here.
> kamal
I have had my Impression for about 6 months also....I have to shutdown and restart about 1 a day for the texting to keep working. Alot of the time it will not complete an outgoing call...have to try several times to get it to call out. and now my touchscreen does not work. occasionally I can get a text out but not very often. Mine has not been wet but has been cold...I work outside in minnesota.....
> phnguy
Well I need some advice on my cell phone. The same thing happened to me I cant do anything on my cell phone just because my screen wont work. but I may have only got one drop of water on it would that even cause an affect to it????
> Savannah
My phone is doing the same thing. I noticed the screen calibration was off a few days ago, then the screen would just stop responding, now it's just frozen. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. Took my phone to an AT&T store and they are unaware, I have seen this problem also on other web sites...I think this is a defect and Samsung needs to acknowledge this... I am currently waiting for a new "refurbished" phone again!
Yes I had the same problem with this phone; I could open any more apps and I could only open stuff about an inch below.. but by this point its impossible to re calibrate. the best thing to do when the phone starts acting up like this is to call your cell phone provider and exchange it.. that is if the one year warranty has not expired. rememer every phone has one year factory warranty that will exchange it without no charge. this will not go through your insurance since its the cell problem. Good luck.

im haaving the same problem.. the only way mine is working is when I open it up.. um to get ur numbers out.. they should be on ur sims card
I have the same problem with the Samsung D980. Three days ago my touchscreen starts to freeze. I tried everything and a temporary solution is to shut down the telephone and remove the battery for half an hour. Then it works again, but after a while the touchscreen freezes again.
Although my touchscreen sometimes got some waterdrops on it, it don't think this caused tte problem. I think this is a software problem. When you disconnect the battery for half an hour untill an hour, the mobile phone maybe get a kind of a reset, because afterwards it works fine for some short time and then the touchscreens halters after receiving a phone call or pressing a lot of times on the screen.
This suggests a softwareproblem, which could be solved by new firmware, but I can't find it on the internet. Somebody any idea?
Thanks, Eric

Dear Sir,

This should actually be a hardware problem and hence

I will be advising you to get the phone for repair.

Thanks in advance.
yeah the same thing has happened to me twice ughhh im so pissed like the keyboard is working just fine but I cant even type in my lock code cause the screen isnt f'n responding what I did last time was just took it back to damn radio shack and got a new one.

sorry man.......mine has the same damn problem. :-(
It sounds a little bit funny, but the trick with the fridge works!!!
No. Its the worst solution. I would suggest every one not to try this one.
Mine had the same problem, I read some of the comments so I decided to blowdry it with a hairdryer and it worked. So I suggest that.